Improve Your Ability to Communicate: The Best Android Apps


The use of mobile devices is gaining importance in both the business world and in the personal lives of individual. There are many benefits to the use of conferencing using the internet. It can allow people to communicate with others around the world quickly, easily and affordably. Conferencing can be used to help build a business’s sales or to collaborate with other employees without having to travel to meet in person. It can be used in personal lives to help families and friends stay connected.

Mobile devices make it possible to use the conferencing tools anywhere that a person can get an internet connection. There are many different mobile devices that are being used. Smartphones, tablets and laptops allow people to connect to the internet easily no matter where they are located. When it comes to mobile devices, the most popular operating system being used is the Android operating system. More than half of the mobile devices in use depend on the Android operating system.

In order to combine the power of conferencing with the power of the Android operating system, an app is needed. There are many different conferencing apps that can be found. For the best experience, an individual or business should consider this list of the 7 best apps for conferencing.

  1. UberConference – One of the most noticeable benefits of UberConference for Android is the cost. It is a free service. The conference calls are easy to set up and can be scheduled. The service works for international conference calls as well as domestic calls. Everyone that receives the invite for the conference call is able to enter without having to enter a registration code or pin number. They click on a link in an email and are ready to go. It is also possible to moderate the calls by muting, and removing people during the call. This makes it much easier to get what is needed done during the conference call.
  1. Skype – Skype has been around for several years. They offer both free and paid video phone services and conferencing service for Android. Skype can work across multiple platforms. The downside of Skype is that you need to download the app to participate in the conference calls and to set up a Skype account.
  1. ooVoo – ooVoo offers many of its conferencing services for free. It allows for video chat easily once the app has been downloaded. There is a limit of 4 people on any conference call through ooVoo which limits its ability for many businesses.
  1. Fring Free Calls – This app is designed to offer conferencing services cheaper than anyone else. That is their main selling point. The biggest downside of this app is that it can only be used on mobile devices. It cannot be used with PCs and laptops computers and that may not make it something that a business wants to use.
  1. LifeSize ClearSea – The goal of this app is to make it easier for everyone to participate in conference calls. They offer video chat that can be entered without having to register an account. All that is needed is to download the app to enter a conference call. This is not the most widely used service, but much of that can be attributed to the fact that it is newer and not as well known.
  1. Tango – Tango allows for video chat across multiple platforms. This makes it more attractive for businesses and for individual users. They offer a higher quality video than other services, but one of the best features is their ability to work easily on 3G and 4G networks that are so popular with mobile devices.
  1. Qik Video Connect – This app used to be strictly for IOS operating systems, but is now also being offered for the Android operating systems. It offers video chat, video mail, video share and video gallery functions. The idea of video mail is popular because people can record their messages and allow them to be seen when it is convenient for the other person. The quality of the video mail is higher than the quality of the video chat which also makes it the preferred option for conferencing.

The use of video conferencing is growing. Businesses and individuals need to find the conferencing service that meets their needs the best. It is important to take into consideration who will be using the conferencing tools, what type so systems they are using and what type of budget there is for this service. It is also good to consider the quality and the variety of services that are being offered. Take the time to compare what the different services offer to find the one that fits you and your business needs the best.

Jacob marsh