The Importance of Healthy Living One Should Be Aware Of!


Whether you are looking to make lifestyle changes because it’s something you decided to for yourself or something you were prompted to do by someone else, today I am here to help.

While we certainly think that everyone should make the choice to change their lifestyle changes for themselves and their own future, I support anyone’s decision to make healthy living changes.

Focusing on everything from how to make healthy but doable diet changes to maintaining physical health with preventative medicine and promoting mental health with regular mental stimulation, these articles that I will write here on blogs are a must read for anyone intent on becoming a well-rounded healthier version of themselves.

The Importance of Healthy Living

The term “healthy living” has come to have an entirely different meaning as time has progressed over the years. With the utterance of the words healthy lifestyle many of us conjure up images of hard body fitness models who feed on protein shakes and energy bars, but the truth is that healthy living has nothing to do with the hard body lifestyle.

Certainly, there can be a crossover between the two lifestyles, but neither in the epitome of the other, because anyone, no matter what they look like, no matter what job they do, how often they eat or what sports they participate in (or don’t) can live a healthy lifestyle.

In this writing here, we will take a look at three of the factors that make up healthy living. And if you already feel warmed up enough about your health, make sure to start watching, now on air, Natural News TV.

You’ll be learning about the following:

  • Healthy Living Aids in Disease Prevention
  • Longevity
  • Mental Health

Healthy Living Aids in Disease Prevention

Healthy living is comprised of eating choices, exercise choices, mental stimulation frequency and much more, and all of these things combined guess what? Result in a healthier YOU!

With regular practice of these healthy habits, your body and mind become much healthier. Healthier eating choices will result in feeling less bloated, getting better nutrition, losing unnecessary weight and having more energy. Losing weight and having more energy will make exercise easier, and more fun than it once was and this exercise increase will improve your bodily health.

As you exercise, your body takes in more oxygen, feeding your organs and you assist your body in losing more excess weight as well!

Additionally, the higher quality nutrients and the healthier exercise habits are, much better for your mental health resulting in lower rates of depression. As you can see from just a few of the examples above, making healthier lifestyle choice results in increased disease prevention simply by virtue of the changes you are making! Think about it seriously (1) …


Longevity (2), or the length of one’s life, is another factor that is influenced by living a healthier lifestyle. With healthier eating habits, it is much easier to maintain a healthy body weight which reduces the risk of a wide variety of health concerns that can affect longevity, concerns like obesity and diabetes.

While genetics certainly play a role in our longevity, there are many controllable habits in a healthy lifestyle that can help to offset our genetic predispositions. One great example of this is individuals who are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, while there is little that can be done to change a genetic predisposition, a change in diet that increases the daily intake of fiber and niacin can help to decrease bad cholesterol.

By making these types of healthy living decisions, we can take out own health into our hands and consciously decide to live a healthier lifestyle even when genetics doesn’t deal us the best cards.

Mental Health

Mental health (3) is another crucial part of healthy living and further down in the upcoming articles, I will cover a number of ways that you can improve your mental health by exercising your brain regularly.

In addition to regular mental activity, however, it is important to keep tabs on any signs of mental disturbance or defect.

It can certainly be embarrassing for some people to admit to what they see as a weakness, something such as anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, even hallucinations, and other psychological disturbances, bit it is important to be able to admit these things in order to seek appropriate care for them – remember that!

Being able to seek care ensures that you are able to continue to live a healthy life with a care plan in place to treat symptoms and any underlying disease –  the right way.

The best part about seeking help for any psychological symptoms, however, is that once a treatment plan is in place, it means that you no longer have to suffer alone or in silence, your life can begin to change for the better!

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