The Impact of Chemtrails On Your Overall Health


When does a conspiracy theory no longer become just a theory? When it’s the truth.

Most of you, I’m sure, have seen the long white lines that run across the sky, that are left by planes flying high above. If you think back to your childhood, or any time before 1996, most of you wouldn’t be able to remember the skies looking as they do today. I can recall that my childhood seemed full of blue bird sky days, not a cloud in sight. Today, every time I look at the sky, I can’t help but shake my head in disappointment and disgust. Our planet is being sprayed, and our air supply and skies tainted.
The chemtrails topic is not a myth, it’s fact. The evidence piles as high as the trails. Numerous doctors have spoken out stating they were responsible for providing medical care directly to pilots that were responsible for spraying. Tens of thousands of declassified documents and admissions under different programs and agencies of the government exist that admit they have conducted tests with both biological and chemical agents on unsuspecting American citizens.

Contrails have been a regular sight in the sky for decades. Different from chemtrails, contrails are trails behind a jet, left by fuel burn-off or wing condensation, that will usually follow for about 10-15 lengths of the plane. The inconsistency between the two is that chemtrails do not evaporate, and tend to be much thicker. Instead of evaporating, they tend to grow larger. In some cases, so many are present that the entire sky seems to have an overcast haze.

It’s right in front of all of our faces. It’s obvious to anyone who pays attention to the sky. I have seen planes personally that spray, then turn the spray off, only to turn the spray on again after a few seconds. I have seen chemtrails that go from one horizon to another, square ones, circle ones, giant X’s, and even tic-tac-toe designs. This is the full domination our air supply without our consent, in a way that is hard for a lot of us to conceive. Many people simply refuse to accept it, even in light of overwhelming and efficient evidence.

What is Geoengineering?

The overall chemtrail process is known to those who are accountable for it, as Geoengineering. Geoengineering is real. It is the intentional, large-scale interference of the natural climate system of the Earth. Simply put, it’s jets and planes spraying thousands of pounds of chemicals into the sky, all in an effort to change our climate. Playing God, anyone? Noticed the crazy weather all over the world in the last decade?

Significant testing over the last decade proves that chemtrails contain a very dangerous chemical mix. Researchers from around the world have concluded that these aerosols contain both aluminium and barium. Barium, which weakens the immune system greatly, is a silver soft earth metal that has no place in our air supply or rainwater. Today, it is being pumped into our atmosphere at astounding rates with aircraft from all over the world.

Barium: The Key to HAARP

The use of barium within the aerosols begins to become obvious when noting Bernard Eastlund’s patent for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (or HAARP). HAARP is an enormous transmitter deep in the wilderness of Alaska, which can be used for a number of uses. One of the biggest conspiracy theories regarding this program is that it is used to modify weather patterns, cause drought and flooding, and even influence earthquakes. All of this seems pretty far fetched, until you realize that the patent for HAARP requires large amounts of barium in the atmosphere to be effective.

As I mentioned before, barium weakens the immune system. When the immune system is weakened, you are more susceptible to infection, disease, sickness, etc. It seems there is a two-fold benefit to barium for those who are accountable. Sick people that need that ridiculously expensive healthcare, and weather modifying abilities.

What really gets under my skin about this whole process is that we the people have been left completely in the dark. Sure, global warming was discussed. I even recall Al Gore stating his case, and collecting his “carbon tax.” I don’t seem to recall anyone saying “Global warming isn’t a big deal or even a threat to us, we have a way to fix it. We’ll spray loads of metallic aerosol into the atmosphere, and we’ll change the weather. We’ll even reflect some of that hot sunlight back into space for you. Oh, one thing though, it’s eventually going to fall to the ground. When it does, it’s going to poison everything. The air you breathe, the crops you eat, and all of the Earth’s fresh water supply.”

The Numerous Dangers of Aluminium

Unfortunately, aluminium is being credited for the devastating impacts on eco-systems throughout the globe. As an example, in Shasta County in California, is an area that a number of studies have been conducted regarding the overall impact of these aerosols. It has been concluded that aluminium is responsible for changing the pH levels in the soil. As a result, trees are dying by the thousands. Even the great redwoods of Northern California may not be able to survive this epidemic chapter in mankind’s storybook.

Aluminium is also an accelerant for fire. Have you noticed any wildfires lately? California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico… pretty much the entire Southwestern U.S. has had outbreaks of wildfires that are unprecedented. Aluminium is turning our world’s trees into kindle. Veteran firefighters contest that they have never seen fires like the ones they fight today. Trees ignite much easier, the fire burns hotter, burns longer, and are much harder to extinguish. Alzheimer’s is also linked to aluminium, of which rates have increased by as much as 68% in the last decade alone, and is only predicted to keep increasing.

Aluminium can negatively affect your health in numerous ways, including kidney failure, memory loss, disorientation, confusions, loss of coordiation and nervous system impairment. Because it reduced intestinal activity, aluminum also has a negative impact on digestion

One of the most common complaints we see today is a digestive symptom. For you, it might be bloating or gas. For another person, it might be constipation. These are just a few examples of symptoms that may very well be related to aluminum levels that are elevated.

Aluminum toxicity may have addition symptoms such as headaches, dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, colic, heartburn, tendency to get colds, burning pain in the head relieved by food, an aversion to meat, and heartburn. Symptoms can become severe with prolonged exposure, which can include loss of memory, mental confusion, and paralytic muscular conditions.

A majority of children today are born with elevated levels of aluminium that is passed from mother to fetus. This may very well explain the increase in the cases of respiratory conditions that we see today in our younger people. Additionally, aluminium exposure has been directly linked to the increase of childhood neurological disorders like autism, behavior disorders, attention disorders/hyperactivity, and learning disabilities.

Take Action

The impact of chemtrails on your overall health is more significant than you realize. You should look into ways to detoxify your body from these aerosols and chemicals, and do your best to keep it clean. There are a number of ways to rid your mind and body of these toxins, through safe and effective methods of heavy metal detox like Zeotrex. Also, check out a previous blog entitled Learn To Distill Your Own Remineralized Water. Don’t drink tap or bottled water, as it contains the heavy metals discussed in the article, as well as many others. Make no mistake about it, you have been exposed to heavy metals, most likely on a level that you wouldn’t expect.

The reasons that are given for chemtrails centers around weather modification, and that somehow this entire process is going to some how save us from “global warming.” Has anyone noticed that cancer is rampant? How bout that Alzheimer’s and Autism are both conditions that basically didn’t exist 40 years ago? Now the rates for these conditions and disorders are up so significantly, everyone has heard of them. Chemical poisoning through water, food, personal products, and now our air supply are all relevant factors. Anyone who disagrees, needs to research the overwhelming amount of evidence.

Awareness is key. Spread the word. Let’s change the world together.

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