Are You A Hypocrite? (One for the non vegan’s..)


Are You A Hypocrite ?
For many years now we have had access to endless information on the good and bad in our society. Most people who read ‘Alternative News’ consider themselves in touch with what is going on and with the many layers of the onion’s that surround each subject, whether it is fracking, vaccines, fluoride, geo engineering, GM products, finance, law or whatever. The ‘rebels’ know what is going on!
Now here’s the hard truth. If you are not vegan, then your viewpoint has no moral grounding. It is more or less void of any value. You cannot complain about Starbucks wages along with Amazon and Google et al not paying their corporate taxes and then somehow think it is ok for you to take the life of an animal just because you are hungry. You cannot complain about fluoridated water whilst consuming animals that have been vaccinated against cancer etc. Do you know what Prions are?
You cannot complain about GM food if you are not vegan. Being on an animal based diet means that an animal is going to suffer for you to eat it. What right do you have to complain when you do not give the same rights to other living creatures, of which your species just happens to be the most dominant?
Are you one of those people posting about chem trails on the social networking sites? If you eat dead animals, then are you really in a position to complain? Why do you call your product meat? It is a dead animal, not meat, you are not cooking meat, you are cooking a dead animal. Say it like it is! You scream about being sprayed and how dare ‘they’ do that. Now picture what the animals behind the lead group that have just been stunned in the head before having their throats cut are thinking. Would it be ” How dare they do that “?
Maybe your one of those people that puts ‘ I love animals ‘ on your dating site profile whilst tucking into a steak or spare ribs?
Let’s talk Alien’s! So you have have just eaten a meat based meal. Your all smiling at each other for being such ‘Awake’ humans and the conversation mentions the word ‘sheeple’ a few times, when suddenly, there are bright lights shining through the door and windows, people in the street are screaming, and you see out of the window that people are being rounded up by aliens and pushed into a transporter, those that resist are given an electric shock through some sort of prod device and in pain, they submit and get in the transporter. ‘ Knock Knock ‘! There is a knock at your door, your just about to be forced out into the street and into the transporter, your scared, you don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know what will happen to your family and fellow species, and you will say what in that moment? Would you understand that for the alien you are just meat? If the alien thinks like you then you will have no rights, no say, no nothing. Does a cow, pig, sheep, chicken or fish, speak human languages which enables it to complain? Do you speak alien?
Are you a hypocrite? Do you need to raise your game? It is easy to change. You’ve probably heard this before, but you need to re-train your digestive system. That is all. Go vegetarian for one day a week for two weeks, then do two days vegetarian for two weeks, then three weeks veggie for two weeks and so on untill you are vegetarian. There is no excuse. There are plenty of good vegetarian burgers and other products out there. Once you have been vegetarian for a month or two, do the same process to being vegan. No one is expecting you to throw away your animal based clothes and buy new ones if you cannot afford it, but as they wear out you buy vegan clothes, shoes.. another word for vegan shoes is synthetic shoes, its not difficult! If you live in the USA or Europe you have no excuse. Your smart enough to of learnt about chem trails etc. so your smart enough to be able to learn about a vegan lifestyle!
TVP ( Textured Vegetable Protein ), Spirulina and other vegan necessities might at first be a bit wierd for you, but here is the crux, someone has to suffer, is it going to be you or the animals? Are you going to use dairy free margerine or continue to use an animal based one or butter?
Do you consider the suffering of an animal that is ‘stunned’ in the head before having its throat cut to drain the blood out of it as being on the same level of suffering that you will suffer because you have to use a local health food shop and hydrate some TVP thirty minutes before you cook a meal, or because you have to cook your meals from scratch instead of buying nutritionally defunct pre-processed meals from a supermarket?
Maybe you call yourself a Truth-Seeker? Are you sure your not a Truth-Ignorer?
If getting people to see that their weather is being modified is the key to waking up global consciousness on all the other subjects, then going vegan is the key to waking up your consciousness fully. If you are not vegan, then you are not awake, you are awakening. Once you have awakened you will not be a truth seeker, you will be a truth speaker. If you eat dead animals after reading this then you are a truth ignorer.
You can only make the right choices based on what information you have or what is accessable to you. That is why your all still driving dirty fueled vehicles. You know eating meat is cruel and also unhealthy. Why do people who have terminal illnesses such as cancer get told to cut out the meat? You know what your doing is bad and this is the perfect time for you to change your ways. There are no excuses any more, unless you live in places like the Sudan or the Arctic.
In case nothing written above sways you then you should know, you’ll also feel better and have no weight problems. A vegan diet is coming for everyone, one way or the other, either by the toxic overload of our planet or by new style politicians that stop the barbaric treatment of animals so you might as well start now and get use to the idea. Good Luck !

Peter Turner
I am an Anti Geo Engineering Activist and Leader of the Constitution Party.