Is Hydrotherapy Good For Your Skin?


There are many types of procedures and beauty treatments to help people with damaged skin. These treatments will help a person that has acne, wrinkles, and other problematic skin conditions. One of the skin care treatments that are becoming popular is hydrotherapy. This skin care treatment uses water to help with medical conditions as well as skin problems. Hydrotherapy has been around for hundreds of years. There is record that both the Greeks and the Romans used this as one of their top medical treatments. Many people still wonder if hydrotherapy is good for the skin and good for the body.

How it Works?

Hydrotherapy helps the body react to different stimuli including those that are hot and cold. The treatment will also help the body produce its own heat and respond to both the pressure and the sensation of water. This will help stimulate a response from the immune system, improve blood flow, and reduce the amount of the stress hormone that is produced. When the cells of the skin are provided with the proper blood flow they will regenerate at a faster pace. This will also increase the production of collagen which is needed to keep the skin firm and allows for elasticity. The more elasticity the skin has the less the chance a person has of developing wrinkles. The cells will also be able to fight off bacteria and other infections that are the cause of acne. As an added bonus of this treatment the body will be less sensitive to the feeling of pain.

Heat and Cold

Heat is often used to help soothe the body and allow it to relax. Cold is used to stimulate the internal organs of the body and get them working again. When a person is feeling stressed it is recommended that they take a hot shower or a bath to help them relax. If a person is feeling tired it is recommended that they take a cold shower to rejuvenate themselves. This is also true for the skin. The heat will decrease the amount of the stress hormone that is being sent to the skin cells. The cold will increase the activity within the cells and also help close the pores. Since the water is moving when used in hydrotherapy the blood flow to the cells will increase.

Types of Hydrotherapy

There are a couple of different types of hydrotherapy. There are the options of a bath, shower, sitz bath, neutral bath, contrast bath, foot bath, cold mitten frictions rub, hot compression, cold compression, and alternating between the cold and the heat. There is also a number of different body wraps that a person can have. The body is first treated with hot water to relax the muscles. Cold water is then used to increase the flow of blood. Both hot and cold compresses can be used during the same treatment. People that are having this treatment to improve the quality of their skin can elect to have a body wrap. With a body wrap the entire body is wrapped in a heated cloth or just an area of the body such as the face can be wrapped. People can also choose to have a steam bath where they sit in a room that is heated. Stream will help open up the pores and allow the toxins and any other impurities in the body to be removed. Once a person is done with stream or heat they need to wash their face with cold water to close the pores once again.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

This type of therapy has many benefits for the body and for the skin. Hydrotherapy helps to remove toxins from the skin, decreasing the formation of acne. The cells are also hydrated which one of the most important things for fresh and smooth looking skin. This treatment is not recommended for child, for the elderly, or for people who suffer from certain health conditions since there will be an increase in blood flow.

Hydrotherapy will help a person get smooth and fresh looking skin. This treatment is beneficial for both the skin and to help with pain in the rest of the body. This treatment will increase blood circulation and help the body stay healthy.

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