“The United States is great.

Its people are great.

The future lies with the dreamers, not the cynics and the critics.”

–President Donald Trump

How did he do it? How did Donald Trump become the 45th President of the United States of America, in spite of the fact that he:

  • Had no political experience
  • Never held an elected office
  • Never served in the military
  • Had almost no support from party insiders
  • Had little large-scale funding except his own money
  • Did not use traditional consultants and pollsters
  • Did not implement the type of “ground game” that is touted as essential to win an election

I’ve pondered that question since the night of the election. I finally found the answer in a new book titled How Trump Won.

Written by Joel Pollak and Dr. Larry Schweikart, How Trump Won is an intricate dance between two insiders that weaves historical fact, commentary, insight, and intuition into an unforgettable story – a story of how one man proved that “anything is possible” in America.

Joel Pollak, senior editor for Breitbart News, tells the story from inside Trump’s press corp. Through engaging and insightful commentary, Pollak gives us “a ringside seat at the knock-down, drag-out, no-holds barred fight for the future of the Tea Party, the Conservative Movement, the GOP-and the Republic.” I especially love how Pollak combines facts, faith, self-reflection, and humor to paint a picture of what really happened behind the scenes in the media during the presidential campaign. His descriptions are so vivid, at times it felt like I was sitting next to him on Trump’s press plane or standing by his side in the press line at a Trump rally.

Meanwhile, Dr. Schweikart, a renowned historian and best-selling author, recounts what it was like to be an inside line for the Trump campaign, feeding them remarkably spot-on data and polling numbers. As part of the “Renegade Deplorables,” he was among a handful of “amateur politicos” that accurately predicted a Trump win 16 months before election night.  In fact, on the night of the election, the “Deplorables” accurately called states for Trump a full hour before major media networks.  In How Trump Won, Dr. Schweikart reveals how a team of amateurs predicted one of the biggest presidential upsets in the history of our Nation while the “expert” pollsters got it wrong.

In addition, Dr. Schweikart and Pollak detail how Trump overcame the fierce opposition that surrounded him on all sides during the Presidential campaign:

  • Democrats wanted Trump to lose so they could push through immigration reform and possibly regain control of the House of Representatives.
  • The Republican establishment wanted him to lose so the Republican Party could purge “its pesky Tea Party base.”
  • The media was largely unfriendly to Trump, to say the least.
  • Even some conservatives were against him. They wanted Trump to lose so they could “rid the GOP of the insufficiently conservative insurgents…”

However, the most fascinating moment in the book is when Dr. Schweikart argues that Trump’s major public policies are more in line with traditional conservative values than Ronald Reagan’s policies were. So, while some conservatives view Trump as not conservative enough, according to Dr. Schweikart, “Until Reagan, virtually all of the conservative leaders of the Federalist, Madisonian, Whig, and Republican Parties would have agreed with Trump’s major public policy stands.” In other words, Trump is not the outlier, Ronald Reagan was.

How Trump Won is a story that bookmarks what could be the beginning of a new era in politics.  It’s a must-read that will fill you with a sense of hope for the future of our great Nation.

“Trump’s victory may have inaugurated a third American ‘party system,’ finally ousting the establishment that has been shutting down debate of critical political issues-and shutting the American people out of self-government-for decades.”

-Dr. Larry Schweikart, How Trump Won


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