How To Open Your Flow Of Inspiration, Creativity, And Wisdom


“The flow” represents our connection to a higher source of wisdom, creativity, service, and compassion. When we open the flow, we allow this higher source to inspire us and guide us.  If we open the flow consistently, we are on our path toward fulfilling our highest purpose.

Like a river, if we go with the flow we achieve evolutionary and spiritual advancement, and if we block the flow we will feel confused, dazed, or asleep.  The results from blocking the flow are anxiety, stress, depression, and physical illness.

Everyone has their own unique form of expressing the flow. For some, opening the flow encourages them to be artistic and creative; others are moved into positions of service and gratitude. Opening the flow could cause you to take an action or make a choice that seems appealing, but you have refused to take due to some irrational fear.

For example, opening the flow might cause you to join a yoga class which leads you to meet your future lover or business partner.

Opening the flow might cause you to submit an article to your favorite magazine, which leads you to a lucrative and fulfilling career change.

Opening the flow might cause you to contribute to a worthy cause that inspires a child to open their flow and break free from a desperate state.

Opening the flow might cause you to attend a workshop, seminar, or conference that opens your eyes to a new way of doing things.

Opening the flow will most certainly bring you closer to who you really are, which is the only way to achieve any sort of lasting fulfillment and happiness.

Opening the flow is also the only way to find financial prosperity in a way that does not compromise your soul’s evolution.

How To Open The Flow

The best way to open the flow is to recognize and avoid distractions.  Being “in the flow” is actually our normal state of being, however, most of us succumb to distractions that block our flow.  Distractions may be in the form of other people, events, and/or our own thoughts, and can serve to misguide us or teach us lessons that we may not want to experience. Distractions seek to control us in some form or another, and typically suck our energy without giving any energy back.

Distractions are like eddies, branches, logs, rocks, or dams that serve to block our flow along the river of life.  By recognizing distractions, you can effectively steer around them and access the flow that is moving clearly and briskly downstream, or more accurately, upstream into the ether of higher consciousness.

One way to jump start the flow or break yourself out of a temporary blockage in your flow is to keep a journal where you can simply write down thoughts that come to you each day.  Personally I find that if I write things down, I “get them off my chest” or out of my mind and this prevents those ideas from serving to block my flow.

Of course, meditation, yoga, time in nature, and physical exercise are also good practices to help open the flow. These tools are in effect your “paddles” to help push yourself in the right direction and stay in the flow.  Remember, your body is your vessel, your mind is your sail, your emotions are the ocean, and your spirit is the wind.

Institutions Serve To Block Our Flow

The flow represents our ability to access our higher faculties, express creativity, and disseminate wisdom. As a challenge to our flow, we are confronted with the institutional dogma which is designed to stifle our creativity and divert our energy to the global control system.

Education, health care, military, social security – nearly all of the “services” which are heavily influenced by our government only “serve” to enslave us in a fear-based livelihood rooted in ignorance and separation.

For example, we are taught at a young age to pursue a college degree in order to “get ahead” and all we get in exchange for heavy levels of debt are unemployable skills.  Most forms of traditional education do not encourage us to think from a higher source, but rather enforce and maintain the status quo dominated by corporate oligarchies and government corruption.  This is the same system of education that would have us idolize investment bankers, while artists, musicians and other creative types are considered “losers”.

As another example, our healthcare system does not teach us the dangers of fast food, pharmaceutical medications, or lack of exercise due to prolonged TV watching and video games.  Instead we are told to ask our doctor when we feel ill so we can get a pill to treat the symptoms. Side effects are treated with yet another pill.

All of these institutional efforts serve to block our flow and keep us in a sedative state that keeps us alive just enough to continue to the feed the system what is left of our energy.

And if our flow becomes so blocked that we become unemployable, the system itself will sustain us by encouraging our reliance on it through the issuance of food stamps, disability payments, or other handouts.  The system is not helping you by giving you free food, it is hindering your spirit by giving your body what it needs to survive through the day without requiring any inspiration to do more.

Bring On The Desperation!

Desperation is a state that most of us would rather avoid in life.  However, desperation is a completely natural defense mechanism for unleashing our empowerment, and is often the only thing that will break us out of a deep disconnect with our higher selves.  Like a river that has been dammed, sometimes we need desperation to breech the dam and let the river flow.

However, the global elite do not want us to feel desperate. Instead, they would prefer we remain content with our TV, junk food, and prescription meds, thus sustaining profits, taxes, thus sustaining the system of control.  It is important to realize that the system in which we live does not force us to find higher ground from within ourselves, so we remain docile, subservient, and spiritually vacant.

Critics would argue that desperate people might turn to crime in order to feed themselves.  However, having lived overseas for many years, I have seen societies and communities who have no social safety net from their government, yet they bind together to help one another with no system or structure to support them.

When given a chance, desperate people go out and find a job, improve their education, or even come up with some brilliant business idea from the depths of their inner struggle.  Instead of forcing desperation upon people, our system prevents them from accessing their flow, and thus plants them on the sofa, to wallow in servitude and mediocrity forever more.

Let The Flow Transform You

In conclusion, by opening the flow from within, you are like a caterpillar emerging as a butterfly. By accessing the flow, you can experience your own metamorphosis into a better and more fulfilled human being. The most important step toward opening the flow is to avoid distractions that effectively block your flow.

Your flow comes from within – it is already there – so there is no need to take any special action to find it, although there are techniques that can assist us in helping to maintain our flow and keep us on track.

The government and the corporate dominated status quo serve to block our flow and represent our greatest adversaries as a species if we are to truly transcend into a world of peace and prosperity.

By starting with ourselves and opening our own flow, we can influence others to open their flow, and start a chain reaction that begins the social awakening that our planet so desperately needs.

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