How to Escape the Coming Firestorm of Obamacare


There is a firestorm coming that will destroy our healthcare system as we know it. In fact, there are presently many fires raging in our healthcare system. We have skyrocketing healthcare costs. We have ever-soaring rates of chronic disease. Even worse, these chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer now start in early childhood. We have a medical system that is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

These raging fires are growing worse and will soon accumulate into one massive firestorm that will destroy the entire system. Worse yet, rather than stifling the flames, the continued roll out of Obamacare has only added fuel to the fire. Unless you take personal responsibility for your own health care and begin to radically shift your lifestyle, then you will likely be consumed by the flames.

Escape Fire: The Fight To Rescue American Healthcare

Escape Fire is a powerful new documentary film about our failing healthcare system. As the film opens, Dr. Don Berwick, Head of Medicare and Medicaid in 2010-2011, tells us the story of the invention of the escape fire, relating it to our current US healthcare system. An escape fire has come to be known as “an unconventional or counter intuitive solution to a difficult problem. To survive approaching forest fires, firefighters will burn the grass around them to create a fuel-free safe spot called an ‘escape fire.’”(1)

Dr. Berwick tells the story of the deadly forest fire in Mann Gulch, Montana in 1949. The fire killed 13 firefighters and burned down over 3,200 acres of forest. The hero of the story was a man named Wag Dodge.

Surrounded by a raging fire that was moving too fast to out run, Wag Dodge did something that went against all conventional wisdom. He lit a match and started another fire at his own feet. He invented the escape fire.

He knew that the other firefighters thought he was crazy but he also knew that this escape fire was the only thing that could save his life! He could not convince the others to join him in this unconventional method. Unfortunately, the other firefighters perished in the flames but Wag Dodge survived.

Dr. Berwick said “It’s just tragic to think of the answer being there, but just in the moment not able to see it. That’s how embedded people get in the status quo. They can’t recognize an invention when it’s among them and they can’t give up their old habits. We’re in Mann Gulch and healthcare, it’s headed for really, really bad trouble. The answers among us, can we please stop and think and make sense of the situation and get our way out of it? It’s the same challenge.

Here is the trailer for the movie. I cannot recommend it highly enough! The film does a fantastic job shedding light on the real problems of our healthcare system and the actual solutions.

Just as Dr. Berwick stated, the solutions for our healthcare problems are among us. However, the current healthcare reforms do nothing to solve the problem.

Complications and Side Effects of Healthcare Reform

In the practice of medicine, very often complications arise that prevent achievement of the desired treatment result. Unwanted and dangerous side effects also occur that make the original condition worse, cause new disease and can even result in death. Similar complications and side effects can be noted with the treatments – reforms – being applied to our healthcare system.

The complications and side effects of Obamacare serve as your warning sign. They are harbingers of the coming disaster. The time to light your escape fire is now!

  • Prevention Therapies will add to the skyrocketing healthcare costs. One major selling point of Obamacare is the requirement of all insurance plans to include preventative medicine. However, these prevention therapies do not actually prevent disease. Plans are required to cover expensive tests such as mammograms and colonoscopies. At the very best, these tests will lead to early detection of diseasenot prevention. Studies have shown that applying these early detection tests to the broad population will add even more costs from both testing and treatment for false positives (treating people who had a positive cancer screening test but who did not actually have cancer). While some feel that these tests have a place in healthcare, the fact is that they will not reduce but will drastically increase healthcare spending.

  • Health Insurance Reform only treats a symptom of the problem but does not bring healing to the healthcare system. It is insufficient. Health Insurance reform is necessary. Everyday, people are denied life saving treatments. Meanwhile, millions of dollars are wasted on the insurance industry’s inefficient business practices. However, changing how or who pays for healthcare simply props up the broken system a bit longer.

  • Greater access will cripple the already over loaded healthcare system. Obamacare aims to bring healthcare access to an additional 47 million people. Greater access brings greater costs but does not provide greater health. Our healthcare system has proven to be the most expensive system in the world while also being the least efficient system. The US healthcare system has many health outcomes, such as life expectancy and infant mortality that are worse than many third world countries! Providing greater access to this already broken system will only accelerate its destruction.

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Planning Your Escape Fire

1. Make a Plan

If you are entrenched in the current healthcare system, you have to develop a better plan. The time is now. You have to begin planning to for your Health Care – caring for your health. The new healthcare system – Obamacare – is simply the same old failing sick care system with a fresh coat of very expensive paint.

Your new plan is about caring for your health. It is all about your lifestyle. You can read for hours on this website about powerful lifestyle changes that bring actual healing. However, the key is that it does not have to be complicated. This 2009 study(2) showed that in people adhering to “4 simple behaviors (not smoking, exercising 3.5 hours a week, eating a healthy diet [fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and limited amounts of meat], and maintaining a healthy weight [BMI <30])… 93% of diabetes, 81% of heart attacks, 50% of strokes, and 36% of all cancers were prevented.”(3) These results are astounding!

This is the simple basis of your new plan. You can certainly add more lifestyle changes to it as you progress but there is amazing power in these 4 simple modifications. This alone will literally change your health for the rest of your life.

2. Create Your Safe Spot

Begin applying these lifestyle changes and you will quickly see your life and your health transformed. In the old, failing system, you are given drugs to take for the rest of your life. There is never any healing. In the new lifestyle system, you are empowered to heal yourself!

This transformation begins immediately. You will notice significant changes in your health and vitality within days to weeks. It will continue to provide real health and healing throughout your life.

Consistently changing your lifestyle will move you from a place of dependence upon the failing healthcare system to a place of freedom and independence. This is your safe spot where you are liberated from deadly pharmaceutical drugs, surgery and radiation. In your safe spot, you are in charge of your own health. Here, you have no need for the sick care system or its dangerous treatments. You are ready to light your own escape fire to save yourself from the firestorm!

3. Let It Burn Down!

Now – in charge of your own health and free from the power of dangerous drugs – you can abandon the current healthcare system. It will continue to burn but you will be safe. You will be healthy and well.

Our US healthcare system – and others like it around the world – will eventually crumble under their own weight. You do not want to go down with it. Make your plan now and set your escape fire.

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(2) Healthy living is the best revenge: findings from the European Prospective Investigation Into Cancer and Nutrition-Potsdam study.



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