How I Overcame a Multiple System “Meltdown” Death Sentence

I’m going to die? Not acceptable news to anyone’s ears. My 3 doctors had no cure, little hope, and no true suggestions. And these were doctors totally committed to alternative, as well as allopathic, medicine! There was no single diagnosis for my maladies. My adrenals were shot and my thyroid TSH scores were terrible. My entire digestive system was literally nonfunctional to include leaky gut and ABS, poor liver function, weak gallbladder and pancreas, low stomach activity. The blood brain barrier was compromised and a brain scam showed that various parts of my brain literally kept trying to shut down and showed poor/no alpha waves. My pineal glad and hypothalamus were compromised. My skin was ultra thin and translucent and I looked anorexic. My acidity level was so low as to not even register on my test strips. My insulin levels were pre-diabetic. My Internist had me on several nutritional IV’s per week to keep me alive. Dieing was not an option, so I set about to find the pieces of this frustrating puzzle that I was lost in. Hopefully my journey to remarkable health will inspire others who can benefit from all of my research and success in overcoming a myriad of health issues that doctors could not define.

Lia Langston