Childbirth is one of the most important events ever for the expansion and preservation of human love. So important is this event, that it can either bond a family for good (if the birth is natural and filled with love), or cause a family to break down over time (if the birth is traumatic and/or if the father’s role is usurped by interfering, outside forces).

In particular, the first hour after birth is critically important for baby’s brain and neurological development and for baby’s ability to create healthy, loving bonds throughout life. The cocktail of love hormones that are (or should be) present for the first hour after birth will never, ever happen again. That is why it is so, so, so important for babies to be placed immediately, skin-to-skin, on their mother’s body (or their father’s body if mother is unconscious or unable to be present) — AND TO BE LEFT THERE FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR AFTER BIRTH WITHOUT INTERRUPTION. Baby needs to be able to look freely in its mother’s and/or father’s eyes, to feel and smell their skin, to listen to their heartbeat, and to ultimately nurse at the breast of its mother. All of these things are ESSENTIAL for healthy bonding and brain development, and for the neurobiology of love to activate at birth.

Why, then, are hospitals doing exactly the opposite? Why are hospitals doing everything they can to interfere with the mother-child bond by taking baby away from mother and doing all manner of unnecessary, harsh, and mean-spirited protocols to the baby before finally returning the baby to its mother? Why are they putting gunk in the baby’s eyes and preventing baby from making eye contact with its parents? Why are they putting a hat on the baby’s head so that mom and dad cannot smell baby’s pheromones? Why are they swaddling/mummifying the baby in chemical-ridden blankets so that it goes into shock, cannot move, and cannot make skin-to-skin contact with it’s mother or father? Why do they insist on washing the baby with their toxic soaps and injecting the baby with neurotoxic chemicals — all of which will only serve to bring harm to the child?

The reason is obvious for those with eyes to see. And for those who are ready to know and see The Truth, please listen here:

Birth Trauma and Humanity’s Takeover

Jeanice Barcelo
Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Jeanice Barcelo and I am a birth activist, a whistle blower, and someone who is concerned with all things that limit or undermine human potential and human love. I am an outspoken leader in the movement to get birth out of the hospitals and back into the home. I am also extremely concerned about things like vaccines, GMO foods, chemtrails, nuclear power and radiation, child abuse, pornography, animal abuse, technologically-managed pregnancy and childbirth, and the satanic takeover of our planet. My use of the word "satanic" has nothing to do with me being a fundamentalist Christian, and everything to do with my awareness that there are people in very high positions of power who worship evil and who will stop at nothing to create chaos, suffering, deprivation, and destruction of our host planet and all of life. It is time for humanity to wake up and reclaim its power. And it is time for us to take our planet back and to re-establish human love as the primary purpose for existence. This blog is dedicated to that end. For more info about me, please visit my website at