Horseradish, medicinal use of a raw salad snack


Some diuretic medicines use horseradish powder as active agent. This spicy root is a well known medicine since ancient times. You don´t use much of this vegetable. It is a perfect condiment in many meals. It deserves a place between other famous medicinal vegetables. Scientists are still finding more medicinal uses of the brother of the Japanese wasabi.

The ancient Egyptians, Greek and Romans already used horseradish as a diuretic medicine. It cures problems of the urinary tracts and it is responsible for throwing toxins out of your body. Eating this spicy root is an excellent way of creating a harmony in the bacteria balance in your intestines. It stimulates appetite, clears the airways of slime, stops infections  and aids the respiratory system.

Anti-inflammatory agent

This spicy root mash is a proven anti-inflammatory medicine. Italian researchers concluded in 2005 that it activates macrophages and it has a ´cytoprotective cellular effect during inflammation´. This means that the immune system is functioning better after eating horseradish. Macrophages are a important part of the microbiota that live in your intestines. These macrophages function as natural disease killer in humans. Normally, antibiotics are being given to patients to treat inflammations. The problem with antibiotics is that it kills microbiota and through this way it supports inflammation on the long term, while giving a relieve on the short term.

Good for lungs

This tasteful white root is good for the lungs. It is a medicine against cough, bronchitis, throat infections and mouth infections. Also it has a medicinal effect on hay fever, common cold and the flu. German researchers saw under 251 patients that when diseases like acute sinusitis, acute bronchitis and acute urinary tract infection are treated with horseradish, there is the same result as when this diseases are treated with antibiotics. Though the treatment with horseradish does not have any side effects. There are already doctors who tell us that horseradish works better than antibiotics

Horseradish keeps you warm in winter

There are more ways of using the medicinal properties of horseradish than eating alone. You can apply it on your skin to encourage the blood flow locally. This is a way to warm up cold body parts. For instance, when you are about to make a long skating ride in the winter, you can put some horseradish on your feet to keep them warm. During extreme cold winter times, horseradish might just save your life.

Medicinal kitchen use

This is a type of food that you can use daily in low quantities to enjoy its medicinal benefits. When it comes to a culinary advise, there is only one option: you have to try yourself which food combinations with horseradish you prefer. Some people use it instead of mustard. Bring a jar to your job and heal yourself while eating your lunch with this medicinal condiment. You can use this medicinal condiment during a evening snack. In this way you keep getting better all the time. Integrate this enjoyable condiment in your menu and enjoy your medicine!




My field of interest is the healing power of food. Latest scientific research shows that many food has medicinal values. I am researching whether people can get well by eating the right kinds of foods at the right time. What I have found during my research I write down in articles.