Honey Diet and 7 Reasons You Should Start From Now On


The bees love producing it and we love eating. Honey is in fact one of the most nourishing natural sweeteners we could possibly consume. It is packed full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants the body requires to stay healthy, happy and in good shape.

The honey diet we’re talking about in this article prescribes consumption of a teaspoonful of honey every morning and night, you can combine with warm water and a piece of lemon too. There are some important rules you should follow:

  • Replace all the sugar with honey for your diet
  • Swap refined carbs for complex carbs
  • Eat enough vegetables

Just so simple of this honey diet, how it works and why you must be on it starting today? See a list of reasons below:

  1. Burns Fats: Honey is rich in natural fructose, which helps burn pounds of fat. It does this by increasing stamina levels and by stimulating the liver for glucose production. It also helps a person feel energized so they feel like giving their body a workout more often. When a person exercises, the sugar levels in the brain rise to higher levels, which sends out a signal into the body to let it know it is time to release and hormones that lead to extra fat so it can be burned up so you can a thinner happier you.
  2. Supports the Immune System: Due to all the nutrients and medicinal properties it contains, this natural sweetener can help support the immune system so it stays healthy and strong so catching the flu or a cold becomes a lot harder during cold and flu season. Honey is also excellent for helping the immune system respond properly to allergens so you do not suffer from severe allergic reactions such as a runny nose, sneezing, itchy sore throat, watery eyes and coughing.
  3. Fights Anemia: Anemia is a condition that causes fatigue due to an iron deficiency in the body. Honey is packed full of iron, which is essential for helping the body carry oxygen to all parts of it.  Without proper oxygen flow you could feel exhausted and fatigued all the time, suffer from poor circulation and blood flow and experience chronic headaches.
  4. Natural Energy Booster: If you are one of those people who are always turning to energy drinks to help energize the body so you have motivation to exercise, it is time to stop drinking them and time to turn to natural effective remedy. Eating a spoonful of honey and drinking a glass of water before a workout can help give you just the natural sugar boost you need to feel energized and ready to burn that unwanted fat from your body.
  5. Improves Digestion: If you suffer from stomach ulcers or poor bowel function honey can help. In fact a few tablespoon each day can even help fight constipation, rid gas and bloating and help provide the body with a healthy does of good bacteria, which is essential for keeping the digestive system on track.
  6. Fights Infections: Whether you are suffering from a viral infection, bacterial infection or fungal infection, honey can help. Honey contains medicinal properties that help fight off these infections naturally while strengthening your body’s defense system so your able to heal a lot fast. The next time you are suffering from any kind of infection, it is always wise to be seen by a doctor, but also wiser to add a spoonful or two of honey to your diet.
  7. Clears Skin: If your skin is suffering from blemishes, acne and blackheads, smear on the honey and use it as a facial mask. The oxygen in the air will react with it and help work as a hydrogen peroxide to help cleanse and purify your skin from these flaws naturally. Heck, you can even add honey to cuts and scrapes to help cleanse them out and promote natural healing. Honey also works for healing burns.

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