What Is Homeopathy And How Can It Help Your Family?


Homeopathy is a safe and gentle medicine that effectively treats a variety of dis-eases with zero side effects. Homeopathic remedies have no known interaction with any medication. It is a system of medicine that is safe for everyone – from the elderly to pregnant women to infants. Even pets and livestock can heal with homeopathy! Unlike herbal medicine or nutritional medicine, homeopathy works only with energy. This is a medicine that heals by stimulating the vital force of the organism. The vital force is the great intelligence of the body, it organizes our cells, and governs all of our growth and development. It is when the intelligence of the vital force is deranged that chronic dis-ease occurs.

Think of the vital force as the great organizing force of our beings –  it seamlessly orchestrates our breathing, our healing response, our illness response, and our lives from cradle to grave. The vital force is always communicating to us through our experience of the world. Homeopathy sees symptoms of dis-ease as the voice of the vital force.

Homeopaths will ask you what you dream about, what foods you crave, your fears and nightmares, and if you tend to run hot or cold. The reason for this is that all these details paint a picture about who you are as a whole being. And the whole being is what is treated in homeopathy.

The idea is that each remedy has a “picture” – a certain set of symptoms that accompany it. Body temperature, food cravings, aches and pains and hormonal fluctuations are all seen as part of the same “picture”. Your joint aches and cravings for chocolate and migraines are all connected. So are your dreams and your fears and your personality.

Homeopathy is useful in both chronic and acute situations, though the intake and dosing differ.

To find your correct remedy in a chronic case, it is often best to see a professional homeopath. Your homeopath will spend hours interviewing you and asking many questions about everything from your sleep habits to your dreams. They will then  deliberate for more hours to find your remedy.

For chronic and complex cases, I would suggest finding a homeopath who has gone through a complete certification program that included clinical experience. Homeopathy is an entire medicine unto itself, and while, in the United States, allopathic doctors can very easily get certified to practice homeopathy with short courses; the best results usually come from homeopaths who have dedicated years to their training. Before choosing a homeopath, it is always wise to ask about their experience and educational background.

Everyone can learn how to use homeopathy for first aid and acutes. My families acute homeopathy kit has saved us many times from expensive medicines and doctors visits. For years mothers and caregivers have lauded the effectiveness of acute homeopathy in home use. Arnica for bumps and bruises, Chamomilla for teething, and Bellodonna for fevers. Because homeopathic remedies are prepared in a way that leaves no active molecular compounds; it is an excellent healing modality for the delicate systems of infants.

Though homeopathy has been under attack in recent years by the anti-homeopathy lobby, it is still one of the most popular and successful systems of medicine in the world.  If  you are interested in learning more about this wonderful healing modality, you can down load one of the best introductory books on the subject for free here.




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