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So the first few weeks of this year’s Summer have come and gone. If you are fortunate to own a house with a yard, then you may have also noticed that the weeds came, but have not gone. Before you go to the stores to buy the latest batch of poisons to roundup your weeds and kill them, why not make your own safe, cheaper, organic and just as effective solution. Interested? Here is the VERY simple recipe:

Mix 80 percent organic vinegar, 15 percent sea salt, 5 percent dish-washing liquid. You can try using a spray bottle to apply, but keep spray away from all other flowers and plants. Also the salt may clog the spray nozzle. I pour my mixture onto the weeds generously for the best results. By the next day, the weeds and grass in the cracks were all shriveled up.

FYI: The dish-washing liquid cuts through the weed’s protective coating of oil on the leaves, thus allowing the salty vinegar to be absorbed better. To see before and after photos, please visit the GoingTrueGreen site. Link is below the complimentary closing, then click on GTG Blog.

The studies on weed killer sprays show one of the three worst toxic chemicals in weed killer sprays is being found in many groundwater locations. For more details see my Blog posted on 6/21/2013 called Weedkiller vs Drinking Water.Atrazine is dangerous and is an unacceptable risk to our health and our environment. After being banned in the European Union back in 2004, the United States is just starting to follow with banning the product in the spring of 2014. Does the fear of less business revenue have such a strong grip on America that we have to wait ten years longer to do what the rest of the world has already implemented? This chemical has the largest use, 76 million pounds dumped on our soil each year. Scientific studies proved atrazine is an endocrine disruptor. The New York Times ran a story in August 2009 about the potential for birth defects or low birth weights with an atrazine intake well below federal standards. The other two pesticides used in weed killers are metalaxyl and imidacloprid. Neither have been addressed as of yet. Only God knows how much time will be needed to ban them.
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Bill Lauto
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