Homemade Plantago Syrup: A Recipe for Treating Lung Diseases


While many people have never ever heard of plantago, this plant has long been used in folk medicine to help treat a number of ailments. This treatment can be topical applications to treat wounds, swelling or inflammation. But it can also mean using it in a medicinal syrup and taking in by mouth to treat a variety of ailments. It can, for instance, help break up chest congestion and make it easier to cough up the phlegm and mucous causing the congestion in the first place. It can also help bladder issues and stomach ulcers.

In other words, it is an excellent tonic, especially for the lungs. And while the method of making the syrup below is more labor-intensive than some, it is well worth the effort as the resulting syrup truly harnesses plantago’s healing properties.

Method for Preparing Plantago Syrup

At the bottom of a clean glass jar, layer plantago leaves until they reach about 3cm in height, then add a 1cm-high layer of brown sugar and top with an additional layer of leaves. Alternate between leaf and sugar layers until you reach the top of the jar.

Let this mixture sit overnight. By the next day, the leaves and sugar will have shrunk slightly in volume and you can add more layers to fill it to the top again. When you are done, seal lid of the jar, wrap up in several layers of tin foil and plastic wrap. Dig a hole in your back yard, place the jar in the hole and cover the whole with a wooden plank held down with a rock.

You must let this mixture set for a full three months! At the end of that time, retrieve the jar, strain its contents and boil the resulting syrup. Transfer the syrup into a sterile glass container. Consume several times a day if needed. This syrup is safe for both children and adults.

What the Syrup Can Be Used For

This syrup is great for treating a number of winter ills. It is particularly good for respiratory health and is an excellent treatment for symptoms like excessive mucous, coughing and wheezing and chest pain. Even patients with more serious conditions like tuberculosis or other diseases of the lungs can benefit from use of this remedy.

While this syrup is easy to put together, the digging of the hole is of course labor intensive and waiting three months for the mixture to settle may seem like an awfully long time! However, this highly effective treatment is more than worth the effort you will have to put into making it. It truly is a safe and effective remedy for respiratory issues and could go a long way to making your cold and flu season much easier to get through this year.

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