Homemade Ointments for Burns, Cuts, and Rashes


For thousands of years salves and ointments have been prepared from home with natural and organic ingredients in order to aid with many ailments such as burns, cuts, and rashes. But it has been in recent decades that many of these ‘Do It Yourself’ medicinal traditions have become forgotten and less frequently passed down amongst families. However, due to economical dilemma’s many families have once again arisen the age-old traditions of medical self care in order to not just save money but to share these teachings with future generations.  Here are some great recipes for homemade ointments for burns, cuts, and rashes.

The first ointment that can be concocted easily from home is especially useful against burns and includes ingredients such as olive oil, beeswax, and calendula herb flowers. The first step is to mix all of the ingredients together and place them into a pan to be heated until all of the ingredients melt. Once melted, stir the ingredients thoroughly than strain them. Once cooled this ointment can be applied to minor burns and abrasions. This concoction can also be used on cuts and minor wounds.

One of the most popular homemade ointments that are commonly used for cuts includes herbal infused oil, beeswax, Vitamin E oil, and essential lavender oils. To begin preparing this ointment heat one cup of the herbal infused oil and 1 to 2 ounces of beeswax together. Cut or poke up to 10 Vitamin E capsules open and combine them into the herbal infused oil/beeswax mixture. Remove from heat than add the essential oils. Once cooled down separate roughly a teaspoon of the ointment and test the thickness. If a thicker ointment is desired than reapply heat and add additional beeswax. If thinner ointment is desired than reapply heat and add additional oils.

Once the consistency of the salve is satisfactory pour the homemade ointment into various jars that have been thoroughly cleaned in order to be stored and used for later use. This homemade ointment is also considered an all-purpose ointment and is great for scrapes, cuts, abrasions, dry skin, and rashes.

Homemade rash ointments work great for all types of rashes particularly for heat rashes and diaper rashes. Another great benefit about preparing rash ointments from home is the amount of money that can be saved especially for families with a newborn.

To begin collect 1 cup coconut oil, arrowroot, and 5 drops of Lavender and Rosemary oil. Melt the coconut oil but do not boil. Once heated, add a few drops of the essential oils, stir gently, than remove from heat. Add enough arrowroot that the concoction becomes thick like an ointment stirring the entire time. Once finished spoon the mixture into an airtight jar and store for later use.




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