Your Home Renovation Check List


Your home is where you get mostly get your memories from, a place you have spent a huge amount of your lifetime. Even if that’s not the case, when you think of your home, the very thought gives you peace. This place like any other thing in your life needs change and reform in order to keep it looking fresh and avoid damages that may result from ignoring little things. For people who love home renovation in order to make it look perfect; upgrade the look every once in a while. There are no hard and fast rules which you need to follow if you have a natural interior designer in you.  However, there are some tips that can save you a lot of time and money. There are some common mistakes people make when they opt to renovate their homes.

Here are some mistakes people usually make, and some smart moves to counter such problems. Taking a different course of action can help you with many renovation woes.

  1. Don’t plan to fail:

Just throwing everything out and digging most parts of your house without a proper plan doesn’t sound like an ideal strategy. Once you decide to change things you should plan it accordingly. Map it all down, so you have a clear idea of what needs to be done and how the whole job will be executed. This not only helps you in strategizing a remodeling plan but gives you a hint of the budget this whole thing requires.

  1. Measure every Inch:

The biggest and most common of all renovation mistakes is not giving importance to your measurements. What most people do is they leave their measurements upon estimated number, which sometimes result in wastage or shortage of material. Don’t trust anyone when it comes to calculating the length, breadth and height of areas or things you need.

  1. There might be some surprises:

Everything starts according to your plan, but you want to extend the area of your living room or want to install an extra tub, so you break this wall and you find out some seepage problem behind it. Yes, you weren’t expecting such surprises but they are there and you need to fix this up now. Whenever you start renovating your place, be mentally prepared to be surprised at any point. For such unwelcomed surprises, you need to have some extra budget or just don’t keep your budget fixed. This will not just keep you a less anxious but give the ideal renovation you actually needed.

  1. Choose the best paint finish:

You have picked this amazing color for your place, it is perfect but you chose the wrong type, and there it ruins the entire look. We all know how there are a variety of paint finishes available, the choice can be tough if you don’t know, what points to consider when choosing the kind of paint. When picking the kind of paint for a particular area, always keep in mind what kind of environment you want for this place. You can’t just pick a super glossy finish for your living room. Similarly, the ceiling or your bathroom requires a different kind of touch. It is best to consult some color expert before just choosing the beautiful color you saw in Jane’s house.

  1. Sticking to trends isn’t a must

What most people do is they go overboard with trends and invest huge amount of money on upgrading a big part of their home in a trendy manner. While trends are meant to be followed, one should also understand they keep on evolving. You remodel your entire kitchen into one trendy looking place but are you sure it will always stay this trendy. If you really want to go down the trends road, then keep it to little things like quality mats or some mid-century dining chairs. A little area will do good to satisfy your keeping-up-with-trends need.

  1. Remodel your furniture

New look comes from new things. You spent so much time and money on your entire home renovation for a completely different look altogether and suddenly you look at those sofas and curtains and they remind you of the old times and some of the not so good memories. Spending a fortune on home renovation and not changing other assets would give you a new feel just for a few weeks. So make sure when you start your home remodeling you have enough dollars up your sleeve to at least change those sofas and old curtains. If you don’t have adequate sum, don’t change them completely just a quick fabric change of your sofa and a different or shinier polish to your furniture would give you a sigh of relief.

These are some of the most basic and common remodeling mistakes people make. Avoid these and you will have a less exhausting renovation adventure and it will also keep you on the safe side. Happy renovation!

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