Your Home and Professional Environment Matters


Living in a world where at most times you are unable to dare I say, “stop and smell the roses,” or even enjoy the view that the earth has given you, we can become so bombarded with environmental distractions. From the foods you eat, to what you see, to the air you breathe we live in a spiritual and physical toxic society that shapes our perspectives. At times such distractions can allow us to neglect our personal space that can lead to unhealthy habits. So, how can we avoid this detrimental chaos? It’s simple, clean your space!!!

The dark-side in keeping an unorganized and unclean environment

Now, if you are an environmental conscience person like I am then you have a working understanding of why having a clean space is so important. So why are so many people able to live in disarray? Do people not realize what this does to their mental health? Acting-Editorial Director of Sonima has much to say about a tidy environment and overall mental health:

She stated that “Studies show that people find living in a home space that is in disarray creates a sense of overload, ambiguity, confusion, and over-stimulation in one’s everyday life,” confirms Saxbe, who studies the stress hormone cortisol. “If clutter and house projects are stressful to you, then streamlining your surroundings may be restorative and relaxing,” she even indicated that being this way does not give you the permission to have your mental health overworked.

Now, I get it, we live in a society where we are overworked and often can’t find the time to be organized, clean and stay that way. Well, I am here to tell you there are no excuses. Think of how much more productive you would be if your home or professional space were more organized. To many people, this is a daunting task that involves more work, stress and time.

My question ism wouldn’t you rather put in the work for the less stress in your life? The last thing you would ever want is to be so unclean and unorganized that it lands you in an emergency room. Zbestlimo states that “workplace illness is one of the leading causes of inefficiency and falling behind in your tasks. And the lack of cleanliness might be the culprit behind every a runny nose you’ve gotten and a sick day you’ve taken.” Sad to say this can even be said true for homes. So, what are the solutions?

Solutions to keep your environment organized and clean

Prepare a plan of action that gives you accountability and easy to follow. Having this plan will force you into following through with being organized. Make out a list of cleaning supplies, organized folders, or labeled boxes to assist you in this plan.

Make a budget when purchasing cleaning supplies or, organizational aids. Try to use products that are chemical-free. Setting a budget within your plan also gives you greater awareness of what environmental chores need to be taken care of. This also will keep you in a constant routine that will help you along the way.

Make a chart to pick out days during the week that you can begin to execute your plan. Find a space of time during the day that you can dedicate to staying true to your plan. Remember timing is everything, and if weekdays are bad for you, there are always weekends.

Once you have all the necessary components in place, stick to the plan. By sticking to this plan, you will garner success in what you are seeking. Now, this is not going to be easy by a long shot, so if need be asked someone to assist you in your endeavors. This will give you more accountability in the long-run.


So, whatever spectrum you fall in on being clean and organized just understand that it is important. If you utilize these tips, I guarantee that some success will be achieved. Just remember to research and find a solution that will benefit you in the long-run because timing is everything.

Christopher Alston
Business Development Coordinator with Bright & Clear Inc.
NC A&T Alumni c/o 2007
I am a spiritual-motivator, health/work-out enthusiast, journalist, writer and entrepreneur.