Is Your Home Making You Sick?


You avoid people with colds or the flu. You wash your hands anytime you are around someone who sneezes or coughs. You try your best to stay well by avoiding contact with those who are sick. Is this enough?

What about your home?

Are you as diligent with the care of your home as you are avoiding illness in the workplace or in public? You might be surprised how many germs are hiding in the comfort of home sweet home.

Bedding and Carpets

Dust mites and bacteria can easily hide in your home’s bedding and carpet fibers. This is a bigger issue if you have indoor pets.

Even if you don’t, you need to clean your bedding regularly and use a powerful vacuum to remove dust and dirt from your carpets and rugs.

It is also a good idea to have your carpets steam cleaned.

You can buy your own cleaner, but have them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Disinfect your children’s bedrooms and wash their stuffed toys regularly.

You need to follow the practices of reputable daycares with your own home on a lesser scale.

Laundry Room and Bathrooms

What could be more of a germ catcher than a room filled with dirty laundry?

Wipe down the machines and sink and keep your clothes picked up. Use hampers or a laundry organizer to hold the dirty clothing and laundry baskets for the clean clothes.

Major retailers like Walmart carry all kinds of resources to help with laundry room organization.

Of course, a bathroom is the perfect place for germs to hide out.

It’s damp, warm and the place where you wash your hands and take a shower. Wipe down all of the surfaces with a disinfectant to help prevent illness.

Air You Breathe

The air in your home can make you sick.

If one person is ill, the germs can travel easily to another person. It’s important to have fresh air as much as possible in your home even if it is only for a few minutes each day.

Also, don’t forget to change the air filter on your air conditioner.

This helps prevent airborne particles from flying through the air. It should be checked every few months or replaced to ensure that it remains effective. You can even buy an air purifier if you have pets or have serious allergies.

Be wary of using air fresheners since they can actually irritate your allergies.

Look for natural products or those with no scent at all to freshen up the air in your house.

These are just a few of the places where germs can hide in your home.

While you may be on alert when you are out, it is too easy to let your guard down at home.

Don’t be caught unaware by the germs lurking inside your house; fight to make your home safe and as germ-free as possible.

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