Home-made Cinnamon oil: Cure Colon Cancer, Control Diabetes And Great Aphrodisiacs


After many modern researchers scientists make a conclusion that, cinnamon oils contains powerful chemical substances that have potential to killing bacteria and fungus, it can be used as a alternative treatment for certain diseases. It is also used to improve our health, immune system, kidney health and brain function.

Home-made cinnamon oil recipe


Pure virgin olive oil
½ cup ground cinnamon
Cooking pan and gas stove or similar appliance.


-Heat virgin olive oil/safflower oil in medium heat stove
-Now add cinnamon and stir to mix with the olive oil/safflower oil.
-Boil for 3 minutes.
-Keep aside and let it cool.
-When cooled enough, press the cinnamon oil using a fine-mesh        strainer lined with a coffee filter.
-Pour the strained cinnamon oil into a sterilized airtight jar or  bottle.
-keep the cinnamon oil in a cool, dry and dark place for upto 30    days. (1)
Well cinnamon oil has many uses but it specially uses in colon, diabetes and in increasing sexual drive.
Colon Cancer
Cinnamon oil extract protected colon cells from DNA damage. Scientist reveal that cinnamaldehyde shows considerable potential as a safe, It is natural preventive for colon cancer and you should be added it more in your diet. (2)

Reduces Diabetes
It is found that cinnamon oil improve the common symptoms of diabetes. It fights insulin resistance power by improving the body’s response to insulin, it keeps blood glucose levels at moderate level, it lowers inflammation, and also increases antioxidant. (3)

Great Aphrodisiacs
It has been measured that cinnamon oil increase appetite, both physical and sexual. Eating cinnamon heats up your body and, in turn, your sex drive. A Single drop of cinnamon oil rubbed onto the genitals is famed for producing sexual stimulation power. It arouses both men and women, but it’s smell mostly favor men. (4)

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