Holistic Medicine: 7 Ways It Helps Us Heal Naturally and Live Better


Several years ago, my wife decided to learn about holistic medicine.  First, she read books.  Next, she experimented with a few products and experienced positive results.

Finally, she convinced me to try it.  After it relieved my cold symptoms, she had my attention.

Next, I learned that holistic medicine is an effective alternative to tradtional medicine.  Also, in many cases, it complements standard medical treatments.

Most importantly, my wife and I realized that we didn’t have to accept the status quo.  Side effects and artificial ingredients are NOT mandatory.  The doctor visit doesn’t need to be “standard procedure” for my daughter’s illness.

This empowered us to dig even deeper.  We discovered how holistic medicine is designed to direct the body’s natural flow of energy.  I was reminded that emotional, mental and physical states affect the healing process.

Empowered with knowledge, we tried other medicines.  We continued to be amazed by the results.

Consequently, holistic medicine is now an important part of my family’s wellness approach.  Here are seven reasons why holistic medicine still helps us live better:

Versatility of Holistic Medicine

First of all, holistic medicine is not only safe and effective, it’s practical and versatile.  It treats common health concerns for babies, children, adults and even pets.  Also, it helps relieve symptoms of the common cold, allergies, insomnia and many other health concerns.

Efficiency of Holistic Healing

Also, we enjoy the efficiency and convenience of holistic self-care.  We store a variety of single medicines in our home.  This makes the natural treatments easily accessible when we need them the most.  By taking action early, we often reduce the length and severity of minor illnesses.  This translates into fewer doctor visits and “sick days.”

Allergy Relief

Additionally, holistic medicine helps us relieve allergies.  I experienced the frustration of a poison ivy rash many times.  I used many common products to relieve the itch.  None of them seemed to work well for me.

Finally, I decided to try a common holistic medicine called Rhus Tox.  I was amazed at how quickly it relieved my itch and stopped the spreading.  It cut my healing time in half when compared to creams and ointments.  Plus, I wasn’t exposing my skin to artificial ingredients.

Earache Relief

If you’re a parent of a young child, you might be interested to know that holistic medicine can be a key part of an earache solution.  Specifically, Pulsatilla and garlic oil helped us relieve our daughter’s ear pain.

The process was fast and easy.  After the pellets dissolved on her tongue, we placed two drops of garlic oil in her affected ear.  Within a short period of time, her ear felt much better.  Additionally, we prevented an ear infection that had previously required anti-biotics.

This was the moment when we were both convinced that alternative medicines are safe, effective, fast-acting and easy to use.

Stress Relief

Also, holistic medicine can help relieve stress.  Life gets busy with responsibilities and tight deadlines.  The pressure builds up.  Effectively managing this stress is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Aconitum Napellus is a common holistic medicine that my wife likes to use when she’s feeling anxious.  It’s a natural option for helping her relax at the end of a crazy day.

Pain Relief

Additionally, holistic medicine addresses pain.  Arnica Montana is probably the most useful medicine in our cabinet.  It’s commonly used to treat injuries.  This versatile natural medicine provided pain relief for my pet’s joints, my daughter’s skinned knee, my injured eye and my wife’s back pain.  We usually don’t go on long trips without it.

Helping Others Heal Naturally

Lastly, our holistic healing experiences enabled us to help friends and family members.  Holistic medicine relieved our neighbor’s knee pain.  Also, it eased my father’s vertigo symptoms.  It even helped our dog with her allergies.

After educating ourselves and practicing the techniques, we like to help people feel better, naturally.


Holistic medicine has been around for centuries.  For example, homeopathy was first discovered over two hundred years ago.  This natural healing system is currently being practiced in many countries.

Like all health systems, individual results vary based on genetics, lifestyle and state of mind.  It requires learning and customization.  For us, the results were worth the effort.

In conclusion, we live better when using holistic medicine.  It’s safe, effective and convenient.  We practice it in the comfort of our own home.  We also feel like we have more control of our family’s health.

Maybe you will too?

Good Things,


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J.B. Riebel
J.B. is a holistic health enthusiast, entrepreneur, writer and investor that co-founded Holistic Blue, a natural wellness shop. He also is the owner and writer at TheHolisticBlueGuy.com