The History of the Constellation of Scorpio


Many questions revolve around the Scorpio Constellation. Such as how did the constellation come to be? And how did a Scorpion come to be recognized as a representative of this constellation? Believe it or not, many cultures around the world saw this great constellation as the great Scorpio and each specific culture has their reasoning.

The Origins of the Scorpio Constellation
According to the ancient Babylonians the constellation of Scorpio represented two constellations, that of Scorpio and that of Libra. The claws belonging to Scorpio were represented as the scales of justice. However, in the Babylonian MUL APIN the constellation of Scorpio is known as “MUL GIR TAB” which literally translates to “the creature with the burning sting.”

According to ancient Greek mythology, mythology meaning “the science of history”, the famous hunter Orion set out to kill all the animals in the world. At this Artemis, the goddess protector of nature and wildlife sent a giant Scorpion to battle Orion. The battle caught the attention of Zeus but the giant Scorpion got the better of Orion and killed him. To commemorate the battle and to serve mankind a reminder to curb excessive pride Zeus placed Orion and the Scorpion amongst the stars.

The Romans were the first civilization to separate the Scorpion constellation from the Libra constellation around the 1st century before common era. In doing so, the scales of justice became anthropomorphized as a scale and became commonly associated with Astraea or Virgo, the goddess of the harvest. However, the Romans associated the Scorpio constellation with the planet Pluto also known as the God of the Underworld Hades by the ancient Greeks.

Scorpio People and the Scorpio Personality
The timing of the year that the Scorpio constellation is at its highest also marks the death and renewal of the Earth. This is the impression Scorpio people are given and are also associated with due to their sign. Scorpio’s are not necessarily dark but thrive on thoughts and ideas that may appear cold and mysterious to others.

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