The History of the Capricorn Constellation


The History of the Capricorn Constellation
The Capricorn constellation is a unique constellation in the fact that its anthropomorphosis is that of a hybrid animal. Half goat half fish. Where did this hybrid animal originate? And why a goat and a fish of all animals to conjoin as representation of one constellation?

Capricorn History
The Ancient Babylonians and the Ancient Sumerians were the first to place the constellation of Capricorn in the sky as the hybrid goat-fish. This placement still remains a mystery however, it can be said that the placement occurred during the early Bronze Age around 1,000 before the common era as a mark of the Winter Solstice. Other theories indicate that the constellation is a Babylonian depiction of the God of Wisdom Oannes who was half man half fish.

The Ancient Greeks however, have two common origin stories regarding the constellation of Capricorn. The first origin story is that of Zeus and his father Cronus and the goat that suckled Zeus during his infancy. It is said that the constellation is a commemoration of the Cornucopia or “horn of plenty”. The second origin story that tells the tale of Capricorn’s origin is primarily based upon the demigod Pan. During a fierce battle with Typhoon Pan gave himself a fish tail in order to escape allowing Zeus an opportunity to seize the battle. This event was commemorated as a half goat half fish in order to honor Pan.

Capricorn Facts
The constellation of Capricorn is one of the oldest constellations in the zodiac and is the second faintest next to the constellation of Cancer. The constellation of Capricorn was even recognized by civilizations prior to the previous precession of the equinoxes.

Capricorn People
It is commonly known that because of the time of the year that the constellation of Capricorn is at its highest also marks the dead of winter. So those born under this constellation represent the toughness that is brought on from being born at this time of the year. Capricorn people are also very stubborn for both good and bad purposes. They always get the job done as long as no one stands in their way as these people are very determined as well as their ambition commonly exceeds that of other horoscopes.

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