Himalayan Salt- The Most Purest Salt and Healthiest Salt


Salt is something most of us use to season our food on a daily basis. Salt is great source that adds taste and flavor to our foods. But in the same time we also know that the high sodium content present in salt can lead to hypertension, high blood-pressure and many heart diseases, which can slowly damage our cardiovascular system. This salt is usually highly refined. It’s almost pure sodium chloride (97% or more), with added chemicals, such as absorbents and anti-caking agents.

Himalayan pink salt comes from rock salt deposits over 250 million years old in or around the Himalayan mountain range in Asia and it’s mostly found in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Himalayan salt is 100% the healthiest and purest salt hailing from a pristine area deep in the Himalayan mountain range. It is also known as “pink gold”. It has been used as valuable foods in since ancient times the human diet.

Himalayan salt- composition

The salt’s vibrant pink color is a result of naturally present trace mineral elements found in the salt, which are essential to human health. It contains 84 precious elements that are found in our body, thus supplying our body with all the necessary and essential minerals.

Himalayan Salt Medicinal Uses And Health Benefits

-Himalayan Salt balances the sugar levels in the blood.
-Supports thyroid and adrenal function.
-Detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH
-It helps to prevents gout and gouty arthritis.
-It Stabilizes irregular heartbeats and calm anxiety.
-Great for preventing muscle cramps.
-Helps balance blood pressure because it provides unrefined, mineral-rich salt in an ionic solution
-Himalayan Salt helps in to clear mucous and phlegm in the lungs, particularly in asthma and cystic fibrosis.
-Himalayan Salt helps kidney to pass excess acidity into the urine.
-Himalayan Salt is a great source for all essential mineral and every necessary trace mineral essential to human health.
-Himalayan Salt regulates your blood pressure, if it’s taken in moderation with water.
-Stops excess saliva production.
-Increasing libido performance.
-Great anti-aging salt.
-Generates hydroelectric energy in your body’s cells.
-Restores the body’s alkaline & electrolyte balance.

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