Yes, I am highly offended because I am not allowed to say what I wish too. I am highly offended because I am not allow to say what I think. Why? Because others say so! Who are these others and what gives them the authority to tell me what is allow and/or what is not allowed to be said?

I thought that I live in a free country that allows free speech according to the U.S. Constitution, specifically the First Amendment. Umm, so why are certain people saying that I cannot speak freely, yet they have the right to tell me what is allowed and what is not? This does perplex and confuse a person, does it not?

Has anyone read the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and/or the U.S. Constitution lately? It would seem not as these documents tell us that we are ‘All’ equal, have the ‘Right’ to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, and are allowed to say whatever we wish as long it does not harm another’s ability to enjoy the same ‘Rights’.

The ‘Rights’ of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” are natural Rights given to us upon birth. They are not ‘rights’ or more so ‘privileges’ given by another person. As any other animal, which humans are, “Life” itself allows us to do what we wish, when we wish. It is true that at the beginning we need assistance to flourish, but as with any other animal natural selection or our strength for survival will show whether we can enjoy the other two ‘Rights’ of “Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

The choice and/or decision is ours to make, and only ours alone. It is not dependent on others as some might suggest. It depends on our choices; therefore, I am highly offended by those that tell me what I can say! I am highly offended by those who tell me how I should think about another’s sexual preference! I am highly offended by those who tell me what my beliefs should be! Yet, who cares about what I am highly offended by, however must care about someone else being offended by either our words or actions, which have nothing to do with them. What gives those people the ‘right’ to tell me what I can say, do, or believe if no bodily harm or harm to livelihood is caused by me? They have no ‘right’ to do so because by our birth we are ‘All’ equal and allowed to enjoy the same natural ‘Rights’

Zero-Tolerance/Political Correctness

According to the documents listed above, those residing within the United States of America are to be a ‘tolerant’ people due to our ‘Freedom”. This has become laughable since tolerance is falling into complete Zero-Tolerance that has been imposed upon us by the some individuals telling us what we can say, do, or believe. This ‘zero-tolerance’ or as some might say ‘political correctness’ is what is depriving most of us from enjoying our natural ‘Rights’ and allow a few to control or have power over our speech, actions, and thoughts. This is not right and should not be allowed! Do you care? I care and I am highly offended!

By being highly offended, I am deprived of positive thought, which allows for joy and/or happiness; therefore it affects a person’s health. Some might question how health is affected. Well, to simply put it, chemicals within the brain fall into imbalance; therefore creating havoc within the rest of the body and begins to affect health. Oh, you say a doctor can give you medicine to help with that. Again, as with the difference between natural ‘Rights’ and ‘rights/privileges’ given by another would be the same as natural body chemicals versus synthetic man-made chemicals within medicine. Think about it! You now must become dependent on a doctor for that medicine when you could have not been highly offended by someone telling you what you can say, do, or believe.

Think about it people! That is if you still can think about it for yourself??? Do you want to live your life freely and enjoy the life you make for yourself? Or, do you want to be led around on a leash? Personally speaking, I want to continue living my life the way I want.

Call for Action?

Is this a Call to Action? Maybe, maybe not! It is up to you to decide. Writing is my platform as the body can no longer handle more deliberate means due to age. You have to decide whether you wish to remain complacent and lose all your freedoms or whether you will stand up, speak out, and/or act to rid ourselves of political correctness under guise of zero-tolerance.

Are you highly offended? I am! Do you care? Probably not, but hopefully it gets you thinking!


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Retired owner/CEO of Wordwings Services the purpose of which was to provide all individuals with a knowledge base to support a healthy lifestyle by educating on nutrition, diet, and exercise. Additionally, educated as to how career choice balances within lifestyle to promote satisfaction within life and positive well-being. This however could only be accomplished when combined with academic knowledge, therefore tutoring and other support services could bolster one's success in their endeavors.

While this was the primary Mission of Wordwings Services, our personal goal was to educate individuals on societal understandings so all could realize their dreams afforded through the Rights of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness". These Rights are bestowed upon all through birth by our Creator and emphasized within the Declaration of Independence /Bill of Rights.

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