Hesitant To Ask What’s In That Vaccine? – The 1 Life Saving Question I Urge You To Ask


Despite what you may have been fed by the CDC and their cohorts in the media, vaccines are not an argument of duality.

There are, in fact, 4 different ways of looking at this increasingly important vaccine debate, and they are;

-Pro vax

– Anti vax

– Delayed scheduling vax and

– Selective vaccinating.

Anti vaxxer!”

So, why is it that any time someone questions the safety of vaccines, everyone loses their minds, and starts screaming “Anti vaxxer!” That seems a bit odd to me, as it does to a lot of other sane and rational people that wonder about vaccine safety.

Why is that?

With all 4 opinions of vaccines, safety is supposed to be the paramount consideration, so this is bound be be an emotive subject for everyone.

Ok, so let’s get our logical, scientific and rational thinking caps on for a bit. Forget everything else for a second, and ponder this stand alone statement…

We are INJECTING organic AND INORGANIC substances into our tiny babies.

Inorganic Compounds In All Vaccines

In a 2017 research study it was found that of 44 vaccines, 43 had inorganic compounds in them such as; aluminium, hafnium, tungsten, nickel, antimony, chromium, silver, bismuth, strontium, iron, chromium, lead, cerium, platinum, zinc, gold and zirconium…all injected into human bodies.

That 1 vaccine that did not have inorganic compounds? A cat vaccine.

Can We Agree?

I’m not really sure if an ‘agree to disagree’ attitude is really appropriate on this subject. There is a LOT of money and lying going on and that is why you MUST do the research AND follow EVERY trail back to it’s source AND comprehend what it all means. If you don’t, you MIGHT be putting your child at risk of death or life long disability. NO parent wants that pain, shame and guilt on their conscience!

Ask That 1 Question

Do everyone a favour and ask just this ONE, potentially life saving question, of your doctor: “What’s in it?”

Watch them carefully to see what kind of bluster comes out of them. When requesting to know the ingredients that are in a vaccine, you can expect a lot of different responses.

Those varied responses will range from an indulgent smile (the kind reserved for cheeky children) to out right indignation. Odd responses to a question concerning your child’s safety, I’m sure you will agree.

If You Get Past That 1, Here’s Your Next Question…

What kind of brain dead zombie would do that?” The truth is that there are a million reasons why.

Some just haven’t stumbled upon the hidden-in-plain-sight corruption in the industry, some people are cowed down by fear spewed at them via all media outlets. Some people think that these stories of death and disability couldn’t possibly be true, and others just don’t know how prevalent they are.

My excuse is that, I was young, yes all mine were vaxxed before I thought “Duh! ASK!”

The Life Gift Of Questioning

I got lucky, eventually, that I matured into a nosey and questioning type of person. But, some people find it hard, I get that. Just remember your questions, and keep your child’s safety uppermost in your mind as you resist the fear tactics and pressure exerted to have these shots, that’s IF you don’t want them.

I’m passing this gift of questioning to you, right now, for your children. What’s wrong with asking? Nothing. Everything is right with asking “What is being injected into my child?”

(There’s always a chance that you find the ingredients list acceptable and continue on your merry way with vaccinating your children. I wish you good luck and I’m here for you when you’re ready for your heavy metal detoxing.)

What Information Can You Trust?

I highly recommend starting with Robert Kennedy Jr (RFK), someone that has no financial stake in the outcome of this issue. ALL his 6 kids were vaccinated before he learned what was in them. Even HE didn’t know to ask questions and blindly trusted others to tell him what was safe.

In addition, he has sued 500+ companies when he was litigating the issue of mercury contaminated areas in the U.S. ie when it comes to heavy metal contamination, AND being very familiar with reading scientific research papers, this guy knows what’s going on and has done his research.

One out of every 6 children has a neuro-developmental disorder according to the CDC”

1micro gram equals a trace amount. The flu vaccine has 25micro grams. There are concerns that foetuses of pregnant women could be getting up to 1 million times the CDC safe limits.”RFK Jr

Does that sound like our kids are healthy to you? Doesn’t that statistic seem heartbreakingly absurd!?

More Important Questions

– Who wouldn’t want to make sure what was injected into their child is safe?

Why is there 25micro grams of mercury in some vaccines when the CDC says that only 1micro gram is the safe level of exposure to mercury?

Please, Please, Start Asking Questions!

I can’t urge you any more strongly to thoroughly investigate this issue of what’s in vaccines before you allow anyone to inject your child with them. I’m pretty sure your kids would do it for you!

Remember this well…ALL vaccines, to get approved for use, rely SOLELY on the manufacturers research.





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