Here’s why I do not trust political polls


Let’s admit it! Polls make a good popularity contest in our world. The intellectually lazy see polls and make their decisions based off of those. Political polls help take the political temperature in a given moment in the country and they produce an indication of the public’s opinions about people running for office.

But where is the problem? May be the most obvious reason why most polls are not reliable is that, sometimes, they cause nothing but mud-slinging and personal attacks orchestrated by the media towards the candidates. That’s when they become tools of division at the hand of the deception media.

This way, most polls are politically dishonest. And the media isn’t ignorant. They know that by using polls, they can at least slightly influence elections. And when a media organization has chosen their preferred candidate, they will often blast the polls that help them on a loudspeaker, but will give little or no noise for the polls that show their candidate in weak position.

In fact, the media promotes the candidate they prefer and tears down the ones they do not like. This includes dishonesty in polls. The media and polls that they show in general, are no longer unbiased. Therefore, we can claim that most polls are corrupt or are being utilized by a corrupted system to make average Americans turn a blind eye to everything they do not want them to know.

Their trick is to use horse-race journalism with the intent of making elections look more competitive. By this magic, to me, political polls are no more than watching the stock market each day and to find out who’s up and who is down in a given week while being so meaningless in a short run.

One of the most truly deceitful results of those political polls is that they make you believe that voting for a new leader will make changes for the better. How is that even possible? If that were true, we wouldn’t be voting for the two-party system in our country that has proven to be a joke! Because, it’s kind of hard to know for sure that my vote is being counted! Even if it is being counted I will always suspect that the candidate with more money is the one who will win because they can buy and fix the election. I think polls give in a significant amount of political air for the moment but in spite of that they are of course subject to many limitations and are technically questionable in most cases.

Since most polls are being conducted by corporation and big media groups, one can not reject the idea of big dollar corporation’s support of their favorable candidates or their dislike towards another. In my idea, most polls are only manipulations that play into the ignorance of people instead of giving them food for thought and knowledge. People need to educate themselves on the candidates and stop going by what the misleadingly unscientific polls say to them!






John Turner
I am John. I live in NYC. I love politics and all that is around it! I study Political Science. I am a big fan of investigate journalism and I stand for independent thinking in our country! "Dying to Win" one of the best books i ever read.