Here’s Why You Should Ditch Coffee for Matcha


Coffee drinkers would agree that coffee gives them the “high” and the right fix that they need to go through the day. Coffee is a great stimulant, but there are side effects noted in long-time drinkers. Most coffee drinkers swear to nervousness and palpitations. It also boosts a person’s insulin levels, so it’s not recommended for diabetics.

Good thing there’s the perfect alternative – matcha green tea – which is undoubtedly healthier and better than coffee. To know more about the benefits of replacing coffee with matcha, read on.

1. Matcha is a better source of caffeine

Unlike coffee, matcha does not make you nervous. With just a quarter of caffeine (this is actually a healthy dose), you become alert without the side effects associated with coffee. And it doesn’t add many calories, so it’s the perfect drink for weight-conscious drinkers.

2. Matcha contains L-theanine, which gives you a soothing effect

Zen practitioners drink matcha in their homes. This is a wonderful beverage after meditating or practicing yoga. In fact, Buddhist monks have been drinking matcha after their meditation for over 800 years now. Matcha green tea also calms the nerves.

3. Matcha rewards you with better breath

One of the benefits of replacing coffee with matcha is the end to your coffee breath days. This wonder tea also fights plaque-causing bacteria and keeps your teeth from getting yellow stains. Matcha is definitely your ally in dental hygiene.

4. Matcha gives you radiant skin

In Japan, women use matcha facial masks to cleanse and moisturize their faces. This also has the same effect on the skin when you drink matcha. It clears up acne and prevents the onset of pimples. Furthermore, matcha has superior antibacterial properties that let your skin breathe from everyday pollution, thus giving your complexion a radiant and healthy glow from within.

5. Matcha is a rich source of antioxidants

Your cup of matcha green tea could rival the superfoods that you know. Matcha contains flavonoids, catechins, polyphenols, and phytochemicals that battle diseases like cancer. It also has amino acids that make you more resistant to these diseases. Aside from these antioxidants, matcha is a great source of vitamin C, protein, calcium, and potassium. One bowl of matcha green tea is even better than downing 10 cups of your regular green tea.  Matcha is a complete package in itself!

6. Matcha is considered the purest drink

Japanese matcha farmers can attest to the benefits of replacing coffee with matcha. If you’d check the ages of these farmers, most of them are around 60 to 70 years old, but they can bend and move without breaking their bones. They also look younger than their real age.

7. Matcha lowers bad cholesterol

A cup of matcha green tea gives you longer life, for it increases your good cholesterol levels, and decreases bad cholesterol. Along with better food choices and regular exercise, matcha is your ticket to a healthy heart.

8. Matcha aids in mental clarity

If you thought that weight loss and healthy skin are the only benefits of replacing coffee with matcha, then you’re wrong. Matcha green tea also provides you acuity for better decision-making and a more retentive memory. Try drinking matcha while reading or reviewing for a test, and see how fast you could absorb and retain information.

Matcha is your super drink, but it does not have to be present only in tea. Matcha powder can also be sprinkled into your favorite dishes so you can generally enjoy the healthy goodness of matcha.

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