Here Is Why You Should Be Prepared For An Interview


Why is there always a hustle about preparing for an interview? Experience is in itself a preparation! No it is not! Every time you are appearing for an interview, you should be prepared for the process. Showing up not prepared in front of the employer even if you have a decade of experience in your job can land you trouble. The following article talks about why it is important to be prepared for an interview and some preparation tips.

Being called for an interview does not stand for being selected. Like you there are going to more people who must have been shortlisted for the same position. There can be a case that you are the last one short-listed where your skills and competencies do not necessarily match the opening, but the employer still feel you could be given a chance of selling yourself to the company. Get ahead and prove yourself by going through various job interview tips and make the employer hire you.

How do you Sell Yourself to the Company?

You can only do so better from the rest is if you are prepared well than rest of the competition present there. An interview is your chance to impress the employer and make them believe that you are a suitable candidate for the position. As a standard you should be well versed with your CV so that any question should not come to you as surprise.

Secondly, being prepared helps you face the interview confidently. It relaxes your nerves and lets you know that you have done probably everything you could have done for a meeting. It helps you ease a tiring and nervous interview process.

Here is how you can prepare well for an interview:

Know the Company

No employer would want you to recite their about us section. What they expect you to know is the simple know how’s of the organization and what the organization is all about. They would just like to know your interest for the job. On your end find as much information as you can about the company and formulate strategies to compete with other short-listed candidates.

Be Ready

While knowing about the company is a part of being ready for the interview, other things include is a formal dress code, ability to highlight your strengths and a positive body language. Your interview starts from the minute you enter the door of an organization. Hence, the way you make your way inside counts.

Learn Emphasizing on Your Good Qualities

Any person would have good qualities and bad qualities. At an interview you should make an effort to display your strengths through a set of professional doings in your previous experience that has helped your organization grow. Don’t just use words or sentences. Have facts to support every statement you speak.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Knowing what to do is one side of the coin and knowing what not to do is another. Avoid using negative body language that can sabotage your career. Make sure you stick to your point and do not elaborate a lot on stuff that is not important; especially your personal life. Do not ask about salary, vacations or employee benefits on the first meet. These discussions should take place once you are in final conversation with the HR.

Some Other Small Things to Keep in Mind

Always remember to be on time, or plan to be there at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Greet the interviewer by his/her first name rather than addressing them as ma’am/sir. Listen carefully to each thing they mention to you and not just be involved in making your point.


Keep in mind that you can make your first impression at an interview. Success in a job interview starts with a solid foundation of knowledge on the job-seeker’s part. Keep in mind that not every interview will turn out successfully even if you do everything right on your part. It is always better to analyze every interview and find out what better could you have done.

All the best with your job search!

Zara Jones
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