Herd Immunity—Just How Unsafe is Your Family?


Herd Immunity—How Safe is Your Family?

The vaccination debate is heating up worldwide, as governments pass controversial legislation, designed to increase the number of vaccinated children.

People on both sides feel strongly about this topic. However, though opinions differ, the one thing everyone has in common is that they want what’s best for their children.

One of the most common arguments in favour of vaccines we hear about is ‘herd immunity’.

Let’s take a closer look at the idea of herd immunity. Let’s see whether parents who don’t vaccinate their children are, in fact, being selfish and putting everyone at risk, as the mainstream media would have us believe.

Herd Immunity is Not What You Think

Firstly, it should be understood that herd immunity is a phenomenon that occurs in nature, when a large number of people in a community become infected with a disease.

That society then naturally acquires a lifelong immunity to that disease.

Vaccine proponents claim that when 95-100% of the population is vaccinated, this same phenomenon occurs, and through this herd immunity, diseases can be prevented.

Can Vaccines Create Herd Immunity?

However, naturally-acquired herd immunity is NOT the same as vaccine-induced herd immunity.

The flaw lies in the fact that vaccine-induced immunity only lasts for a short time—from 2-10 years.

This is why boosters are encouraged. However, these don’t last long either—many two years or less.

Neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock addresses a crucial point regarding vaccine-induced herd immunity: the discovery that vaccines do not, in fact, remain effective for a lifetime, is a relatively recent one. For around 70 years, scientists thought they did.

This means that the baby boomers generation had, for many years, absolutely NO vaccine-acquired immunity to the diseases against which they were vaccinated as a child.

They thought they were immune, but since we now know that vaccine-induced immunity only lasts a short time, they weren’t.

Most (unless they have since got boosters for all vaccines) probably STILL have little or no immunity.

Given this (and given the media attention regarding the necessity to vaccinate in order to prevent the whole community from becoming sick) you would think that this would have resulted in a resurgence of a range of diseases from around the 1960s onwards.

After all, this would have meant that FAR FEWER than the required 95-100% of the population was protected by vaccines, which is the magic number we are told is necessary for herd immunity to be effective.

However, there was no resurgence of these diseases.

The Problem with the Herd Immunity Argument

Herd immunity is an easy way to guilt those who question vaccines into vaccinating their children, and make them appear selfish if they conclude that vaccination is not the best option.

It gives those who have not studied the issue some easy ammunition with which to aim fire at those who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. It causes people to react more with emotion and less with logic.

An important question to ask about vaccines is, at what point do we EVER make someone undergo a medical procedure (for that is EXACTLY what a vaccination is) for the good of others?

The idea of sacrificing the individual good for the good of society is a socialistic idea that was espoused by the likes of Hitler!

Informed consent is a basic human right. Forcing or coercing someone to vaccinate themselves or their children violates this.

Is Choosing Not to Vaccinate Selfish?

Mainstream media often portrays parents who have concern regarding the safety of vaccines as selfish because they are putting their family ahead of society.

But just think about it—if anything DID happen to those children, would the people who were calling for the parents to vaccinate be there to support them and their children?

No, in these kinds of situations it falls to the parents to spend the rest of their lives taking care of those children and picking up the pieces. We see it time and time again.

Parents SHOULD be selfish! They SHOULD care more about the welfare of their own children than about little Johnny down the road. What kind of parents would they be if they didn’t?

After all, the very reason pro-vaxx parents push vaccinations so strongly is because they think that’s what’s best for their children.






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