Herbicide Linked to Serious Chronic Health Issues


There are many reasons why the organic movement has taken off since the 1960’s. For some, it is a matter of supporting a way of life that was being destroyed by the advent of large-scale, industrial farming. For others, it is a matter of buying foods which were raised with a minimum impact on the environment. And for still others, it is just a matter of health – they do not feel comfortable buying foods that have a potential to be contaminated with the residues of pesticides. Many studies appear to be justifying these concerns, including recent research into one particular pesticide, glyphosate, which has been linked to a number of serious disorders. Read on to find out more.

Glyphosate and Digestive Disorders

As previously stated, one important reason people cite for buying organic food is the concern that the chemicals used in conventionally raised products could bring serious health consequences. This certainly appears to be the case with the chemical known as glyphosate, a common herbicide.

For one thing, it has been found that exposure to this herbicide has been linked to a range of digestive disorders. This includes such digestive issues as metabolic disorder and obesity as well as an increase in incidence of diabetes development. All of these issues can related back to the body’s ability to properly break down food during the digestive process and burn it for energy; this digestive process, however, can be seriously disrupted by the presence of glyphosate in the diet.

Consumption of foods laced with this chemical has also been linked to damage to the healthful bacteria which reside in the small intestine and which are so vital for digestion and also for continued overall health. Glyphosate appears to be able to kill off much of this vital bacteria and lead to serious conditions like leaky gut syndrome, intestinal disease and inflammation of the colon.

Glyphosate Also Implicated in Neurological Disorders

Apart from the havoc that glyphosate can wreak on the digestive system, it also appears to be able to do neurological damage as well. For example, the research from one team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has linked a low-nutrient, high-carbohydrate diet combined with exposure to toxins like glyphosate to some of the most serious neurological conditions that plague our society at both ends of the life span: namely, autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

The truth is that glyphosate is just once pesticide of many used by industrialized agriculture to maximize profits even while risking the health of those who buy and use their products. The threat of digestive, neurological and other disorders from glyphosate and similar chemicals is an excellent argument for spending the extra money on organic food and avoiding exposure to these toxins altogether.

Sources: orst.edu, greenmedinfo.com, truth-out.org

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