Herbal Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments


Herbal rheumatoid arthritis treatments are popular and evidently quite successful methods of dealing with this painful and debilitating disease. Being herbal, they have the advantage of avoiding  the side-effects found with the myriad of prescription drugs used to treat RA.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the joints and connective tissue. While it is generally treated as an autoimmune disease, there are some schools of medical thought that describe RA as primarily an infection of the joints, caused by mycoplasma and made worse by multiple nutrient deficiencies.

Many people I’m meeting online are dissatisfied with conventional rheumatoid arthritis treatments. They choose to augment their rheumatologist’s conventional treatment recommendations with one or more herbs or herbal extracts they have found to benefit them. Some have replaced conventional treatments completely with herbs — and are doing remarkably well, as judged by their rheumatologists.

Some I talked to have given up altogether on conventional treatment protocols and prefer to rely on kratom to relieve the pain and inflammation, with only the pleasant side effects of energy and a boost of positive outlook.

Here are some testimonials gleaned from our online chat:

Angela: “In 1998 I was diagnosed with lupus and RA. Since using kratom (the past three years), I rarely have joint pain except in the brutal winter (subzero). About six months ago I added turmeric for my RA. Between the two herbs — kratom and turmeric — I have hardly any problems. My rheumy and PCP are amazed at how good I’m doing. Looking at my hands you can no longer tell I have RA. I take lupus meds but no longer take pain meds, steroids, NSAIDs or any anti-inflammatory meds for it.”

Robin: “…the Kratom minimizes my pain.”

Jenn: Corydalis works better than neurontin (a drug commonly prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis).

Jeri: I have RA, and polymyalgia, amongst other things. (Kratom) helps me a lot, but I only use it sparingly, for emergency pain. I don’t get pain meds. I was prescribed the chemo drug first, but didn’t take it. Reading the side effects was too scary! Prescribed Minocycline, but that scared me too! I have autoimmune disease, and I’m assuming that would mess up my immune system more. I read these meds are for long term use. One side effect is cancer, for crying out loud. Another is your hair all falling out, stroke, and death. I just didn’t think it was worth it.”

Gretchen: “Oh yes indeed!! What I have tried has vanished my RA pain and boosted my mood ta boot!!! Love it! 7 years with no help and then come kratom, miracle plant for us sufferers!”

Kim: “I’ve used kratom for the past 7 months. It helps the pain better than any pill ever. I’m more active now. I’m no longer living with my life in a doctor’s hands only. I’ve also lost 20 pounds . I’m not a candidate for any drug therapy now , because while taking methotrexate and Enbrel I got the lung infection that is advertised as a possibility. So absolutely …kratom has been a game changer for me.”

Tabetha: “My boyfriend has RA and psoriatic arthritis so he has the joint pain and severe psoriasis to deal with… the kratom does help him with the pain….the corydalis helped him also… I think it would help if he cut gluten and processed foods out.

“Interesting about the antibiotics. I will have to check into that. He tried treatments from the RA Dr and the side effects were worse on him than the disease!!”

Joshua: “Yeah, going to the rheumatologist just made me worse. The kratom helps me more than anything else has !”

Kim: “I’m looking for a naturopathic dr. now or holistic physician. The results from conventional medicine for me haven’t been too good.

“I’ve also been researching low dose naltrexone . Very interesting…but I’m totally pleased with results from kratom for RA and fibromyalgia. I was bogged down for many many years, unable to function mentally or physically…kratom gave me back my passion and drive to get interested in life again.”

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