Hemp Oil Recipe That Treats Cancer


While the public debate around the use of medical marijuana remains as contentious as ever, more and more states are allowing medical use of this controlled substance for a number of serious conditions, including glaucoma, intractable pain and many different forms of cancer. While opponents tend to gloss over this, there is a wealth of evidence to show that active ingredients in marijuana really do have medical benefits, including as a potential cure of cancer.

The recipe for hemp oil below is given by Rick Simpson, one of the most passionate advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana to treat cancer and other serious conditions. However, it should be stated that manufacturing this oil can be risky due to the range of chemical reactions it entails. Read on to find out more about this process.

The Process of Making Hemp Oil

Place a previously dried plant in a plastic bowl and soak it in a combination of clean petroleum and solvent like a 99% alcohol solution which can be purchased from most pharmacies. Generally, a ratio of 8 gallons of solvent to 1 pound of plant material should be used. Once the solvent has been added, mash the plant material with a wood stick and make sure it is complete submerged.

Mash the plant material constantly for around 3 minutes, then pour the mixture into another container. At this point, around 80% of the THC (the active ingredient) has been extracted; to extract the other 20%, add a fresh batch of solvent to the plant material and mash for another 3 minutes, then add this mixture to the original. Transfer the mixture into another container, using a coffee filter to remove impurities.

The next step is to dry the solvent through boiling it and add this mixture to a bowl, filling it about three-quarters of the way. Because the vapors from this mix are flammable, it is important to operate in a well-ventilated room with fans on. Place the bowl on a low fire, constantly adding more as the contents of the bowl decrease.

When the mixture has evaporated, add water at a ratio of 10 drops per every ½ kilo of plant material used. When there is about 25 milliliters of water in the bowl, put it back on the fire until everything is well-mixed, then boil the solution until it evaporates. Take the remaining oil out of the pan and carefully transfer it to a clean metal bowl and heat it slowly; it will be done when the rest of the water evaporates.
The result of this procedure will be a thick, greasy substance which can be removed with syringes.


Simpson, in his practice, uses this highly concentrated form of THC oil to treat a number of serious ailments. He claims that it is effective not only for treatment of cancer, but also other conditions including neurological problems like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis as well as respiratory problems like asthma and cardiac conditions like atherosclerosis.

While this is a highly risk method for extracting THC from marijuana, the resulting concentrated oil does appear to have legitimate medicinal value and it is no wonder why advocates like Simpson are so passionate about the issue of legalizing it.





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