Are you having a Heat Wave?
If you are having a heat wave and need a new air conditioner, you will also need this formula… For those of you who saw our related video called Heat Wave on the GoingTrueGreen YouTube channel, this may prove to be an easier way to copy down the formula.

Using the W.H.I.L.E. Formula will help you when buying a new window or through the wall AC unit. This formula tells you the BTU size you will need to cool your room efficiently.

Sometimes salespeople at stores use a formula that only helps to sell inventory. So it is best for you to calculate your BTU size before you even leave your house.
The W. H. I. L. E. Formula divided by 60 equals the BTU size needed:

W = Width of your room
H = Height of your room
I = Insulation value in the walls
plug in the value of 10 for “I” when you have well insulated walls with R-13 or higher insulation value.
plug in the value of 18 for “I” when you have poorly insulated walls with R-11 or less.
L = Length of your room
E = Exposure
Take the longest wall in the room that is exposed to the outside and see which direction that wall faces:
plug in the value of 16 if that wall is facing North
plug in the value of 17 if that wall is facing East
plug in the value of 18 if that wall is facing South
plug in the value of 20 if that wall is facing West

Then multiply W x H x I x L x E divided by 60 to equal the BTU size you need

The WHILE formula DOES NOT calculate factors such as:
– Body heat, are you having a party? Body heat adds up.
– Window exposure, are they facing south or west or both? Do you have and use shades or curtains?
– Large openings into the room without doors.
– An Upstairs room, an uninsulated or poorly insulated Attic floor above, and/or is your roof Flat?
– Uninsulated Basement ceiling below.

To see what the Yellow Energy Guide looks like visit this posting on the Blog at
Once you know your BTU size you can go shopping and LOOK for the Yellow Energy Guide Label on the floor models. You want to find a model in the BTU size you need that has the Highest EER number possible. The Energy Efficient Rating is very important and only the yellow guide label tells you if you are buying the best AC unit out there in your BTU size. Even if the AC unit has the Energy Star Label that DOES NOT necessarily mean you are buying the most energy efficient model made. You have to use the Yellow Energy Guide to know that.

Also don’t worry about the most efficient model costing $75 or $125 dollars more, you will save that difference on the electric bill within the first full season of use. Thank you.

Bill Lauto, GTG

Bill Lauto
Bill Lauto is an Environmental Scientist and Energy Consultant who came on the scene in 1981 to present facts and teach details about how we can save money, energy, and our environment, without making sacrifices. His voice was one among the few who taught green facts long before anyone else talked about Going Green.

Mr. Lauto has an Environmental Science degree from St. John's University, Energy Auditor Certification from New York Institute of Technology, and Certification in Thermal/Heating from S.U.N.Y. at Farmingdale. He interned at Equitable Environmental Health that brought him to evaluate the environment at LILCO's Nuclear power plant that never opened. As an entrepreneur, he operates, and holds a U.S. Patent with a Trademark on an environmental and energy-related product.

Mr. Lauto has done and managed thousands of energy audits for homeowners. Not one recommended a single action that implied sacrifice. He never stated once that to save money and energy one must turn down their thermostat and wear a sweater. During the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day, Bill Lauto was the Energy Advisor to the Earth Day Committee in New York. Mr. Lauto was the attending expert witness to the press conferences of former New York’s Major Dinkins and Commissioner Mark Green. His expertise has been utilized by power companies such as: the New York Power Authority and the Long Island Lighting Company as well as by Mr. Mark Green, former Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, NYC.

Mr. Lauto has served as the Environmental and Energy expert on several television news and radio talk shows. He has provided information and consulting services on topics such as: air, cooling, heating, lighting, appliances, recycling stations, solar, wind, bio-fuels, hydrogen and water to: Clearwater, Consumer Report Magazine, European American Bank, Home Depot, LILCO, NBC, Macy*s, New York Power Authority, NYPIRG, Time Warner, EPA, thousands of homeowners, celebrities, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and many government accounts.

Information about Mr. Lauto, his articles, and work have been published in newspapers across the country, including: Consumer Report magazine, Kiplinger's Financial magazine and Business Ethics magazine. Mr. Lauto has been interviewed by ABC news, the New York Times, Cable News L.I. and was in a special television home audit hosted by Al Roker of NBC, but was never aired due to breaking news.

For over twenty years, Mr. Lauto has been stating that we don’t need foreign oil, we have the technology to make America energy independent. serves to educate the public for free on how to lower energy cost by 60% or more, while uses videos and Mr. Lauto's Blog to help dispel mis-information and provide the facts about truly Going Green.