Heart Cancer Is Rare But It Does Exist – Ways to Prevent It


Heart cancer.

Is it your first time to hear it? You’re not alone. The majority of those who haven’t been to medical school have never heard it.

It’s because heart cancer is rare.

We may get our heart broken many times but our chances of developing heart cancer are very low. But we’re not immune.

Tumors can still occur in the heart but they’re very uncommon, so we rarely hear about them. In fact, their occurrence is only less than 0.1 percent.


Cancer in the heart is rare because muscles in this organ are non-fatty in nature. Toxins from the environment can modify our genes, which may result in the growth of cancerous tissues in our organs. And these toxins are usually found in fatty areas.

Apart from that, the cells in the heart don’t divide. So, the risk of having defective cells in the heart is very low.

Most heart cancer cases didn’t originate from the heart. They come from the lungs, esophagus, liver, stomach and other parts of the body.

Preventing heart cancer

Even though heart cancer is extremely rare, it’s still possible to develop tumors in this area.

So, how are we going to prevent this from happening?

Consume more fruit and vegetables

Eating a slice of fruit or a serving of vegetable can cut your risk of dying from cancer that may travel to your heart. This is another reason you should serve yourself a cup of spinach or slices of apple a day.

Follow a low-fat, high-fiber diet

It may help improve your natural detox system in the body. As previously mentioned, toxins can modify your genes that may result in the development of cancer. By following such diet, you’re significantly eliminating toxins in the body.

Drink wine in moderation

Red wine protects your heart, as long as you consume it in small amounts and with meals. It may not be able to protect you from getting your heart broken; it may reduce inflammation markers in the heart.

Drink some tea

Tea is known for its anti-oxidants. And anti-oxidants can fight different types of diseases, including cancers.

These prevention tips aren’t only great in fighting against the development of heart cancer and other tumors but they’re also beneficial in keeping you from dying of heart attack.


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