Heart-Breaking HPV Agnotology Vaccine Scandals


Agnotology = culturally induced ignorance by the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data.

Why is it that the HPV vaccines are presenting so many deadly and life-altering adverse reactions? This may just be the most dangerous case of agnotology in vaccines ever.

Out of the 16 HPV vaccine trials, only 2 used the medical industry standard of an inert saline placebo. Of these trials, 10 out of 16 compared the HPV vaccine against an aluminum adjuvant, and 4 of those trials used an aluminum-containing vaccine as the placebo. I think that violates EVERY scientific standard protocol.

“Indeed, the optimistic assumption that HPV vaccination (even if proven effective against cervical cancer as claimed), will result in 70% reduction of cervical cancers appears to be largely based on premature, exaggerated and invalid surrogate marker-based extrapolations”

The Australian Arm of the HPV Vaccine Scandal
The Australian HPV vaccine scandal was created when the approval process for the Gardasil vaccine was interfered with. In 2006 the Australian National Immunisation Program Schedule run by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) rejected the Gardasil application. ”PBAC has advised that there was a lack of information in CSL’s application on how long the vaccine remains effective, whether a booster would be needed and if so, how to determine the right target group for the follow-up. The PBAC said it was also not provided with enough information on the long-term effects of the vaccine on the incidence of cervical cancer.” The PBAC also found that it is not cost effective for taxpayers at this time to fund GARDASIL® on the National Immunisation Program at the price proposed by CSL…”

Within 24 hours that decision that was overturned by the sitting Prime Minister John Howard. This was in the lead up to the 2007 federal election. I wonder how the duration of effect and unfavourable cost-effectiveness changed in a 24 hour period?

In July 2012 the Labor Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek oversaw the roll-out of Gardasil vaccination for boys with open public support from Ian Frazer. In his official message of support for the funding of the national HPV vaccine program for boys, Ian Frazer failed to declare his conflict of interest that he receives royalties from the sale of HPV vaccines. It looked a lot like free advertising by the government for Professor Frazer’s financial interests.

Some of the problems with the HPV vaccines are as follows; lack of quality research, efficacy, it kills and maims, they are full of neurotoxins (aluminum is the biggest problem), the cervical cancer that the vaccine is supposed to protect against is extremely rare, the HPV virus clears up on it’s own in most cases and you never know you’ve had it, let alone contract cervical cancer from it. Let’s explore these issues a little further.

From lack of quality research to aluminum placebos to outright misrepresentation of data and being fast-tracked for public use, the HPV vaccines stand out as the prime example of agnotology in vaccines.

One by one, the stories of young girls (and now boys) being killed and/or maimed for life are coming to light. Young people, fit and healthy, in the prime of their lives, suddenly can’t do anything. Can’t play sports, can’t go out with their friends, can’t learn to drive, can’t even walk in a lot of cases. All after the HPV vaccines. Nothing else changed, except they were injected with a toxic cocktail of chemicals that didn’t save them from any disease. The vaccines are ruining many lives.

Under the ‘fast track’ rules for licensing vaccines in America, only 6 months of trials are required for licensure of a product. Of course, the HPV vaccines got that ‘fast track’ approval.

There is a 10% chance of hospitalisation after a HPV vaccine. In Canada, in 2016 there was a study undertaken, with information taken from 3 databases. There were 195,270 females that received 528,913 doses of HPV vaccine resulting in 19,351 hospital emergency department visits within 42 days of immunisation.

In the clinical trials, 185 participants reported a serious adverse event, this representing 2.5% of the population of the study.

All trials of the vaccines were done on children aged 15 and above, despite them currently being marketed for 9-year-olds.

The new HPV vaccine doubles the antigens and aluminum of the last HPV vaccine.

According to the American FDA 2.4 women per 100,000 die of cervical cancer in the US each year. And yet the FDA says that 2.3 per 100 girls and women developed an “incident condition potentially indicative of a systemic autoimmune disorder” after enrolling in the Gardasil clinical trial. Did you read that right? Yes, in the Gardasil trial 2.3% of people in that trial developed an autoimmune disorder. Those numbers seem back to front. How can it be that a vaccine gives a better chance, by far, of being injured than the disease it’s supposed to prevent? That’s illogical not to mention immoral, seeing as these young people are getting killed and maimed. The 2.4 women per 100,000 that die of cervical cancer = 0.0024% Compare that to the 2.3% of people that got an autoimmune disorder from the Gardasil trials and the numbers just don’t make sense.

This is just one more example of agnotology in vaccines – culturally induced ignorance by the publications of inaccurate or misleading scientific data.





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