Healthy Heart And Healthy Teeth: Learn the Correlation!


Your daily oral activities like brush and floss as per your dentist’s ideas can help in taking care of your oral health the best. However, not many would know that your bad oral health can lead to heart issues. As per research, you can find a surprising link in between a healthy teeth and health heart, which means if your oral health is bad, you tend to face heart issues. There are several gum related diseases like gingivitis, which can bring in issues like inflammation and infection that can bring in issues of heart disease. As per one of the studies, researchers have found out that a majority of people with bad oral health can end up getting a bad health heart as well. Now, let’s head to this topic in details as under:

Can Gum Disease Give You a Heart Attack?

As per experts, there is a logical reason why the two are connected to each other. If you dig in deep the two, you are likely to understand the relation between them. The experts now understand the fact that the underlying mechanism of heart issues like cardiovascular disease is linked to the inflammation. There are several kinds of bacteria which are usually found in your mouth that can risk your heart. However, if you properly floss your mouth and brush while removing the plague, you end up this risk of boosting up the gum disease affecting your heart. Now, we all know that the gum diseases can cause bleeding, while the same bacteria can move along your blood from one organ to the other creating inflammatory process within the blood vessels.

Now, the bigger question, how these are linked to the heart? Well, the bacteria can boost up the risk of having heart problems by contributing to the clot formation or building up the plaque inside your arteries, which can further interfere within the flow of your blood to the heart. However, it will take long for the doctors to prove the cause of heart issues to be the gum problems. Meanwhile, the researchers are also seen unearthing all the possible links found in between the gum disease and stroke along with other issues like osteoporosis, respiratory disease, diabetes and arthritis etc.

Important Steps for Your Teeth (and Heart)

As per the prestigious group like American Academy of Period ontology, half the popular of people above the age of 55 are seen experiencing the gum diseases. The gum diseases is also one of the key reasons why people above 35 are seen losing their teeth. As you grow old, your risk of having gum problems will increase. Hence proper oral care is important and has to be started way back during your childhood days. You are therefore supposed to brush your teeth on a regular basis, carry out proper oral checkups just to keep the gum problems at the bay. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of gum diseases, don’t forget to consult your dentist:

  • Your mouth has a sour taste
  • Unrelenting bad breath
  • Bad Bleeding Gums
  • Swollen & Tender gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Sensitive kind of teeth
  • Pain while you chew

Remember, you can keep away from having a bad heart provided you prevent yourself from the gum diseases. Make sure you treat them with proper cleaning and medication or with the help of medical procedures as well if nothing works just to keep your heart in a perfect order.


As per the experts, if you are interested in taking the best care of your heart, it is equally important to take the best care of your oral health. This can really help in keeping your heart and other body parts in a right shape.

Rand Paul an Independent health researcher & American author had done MA in English literature. He loves to explore and write about Lifestyle & Health condition, treatment all around the globe. Currently, lives in Washington DC. His articles are well-researched and published on several websites.