Healthy Halloween Treats and Halloween Recipes


Halloween is right around the corner and I don’t know about you, but as a mom who’s four year old is officially hitting the “I want to trick or treat” age, I’ve been going a little crazy trying to find alternatives that won’t leave my daughter feeling like mommy made her miss out on her favorite Halloween treats.

So, in all my efforts, these are the best healthy Halloween alternatives and Halloween treats that will give everyone something fun to enjoy on this spooky holiday.

Healthy Halloween Options


1. Halloween Treats for Kids that Involve No Food at All

Non-Candy Halloween Handout Ideas

As Dr.Dier reminds us, the best alternative Halloween treats to hand out are non-candy items. I know what you’re thinking, those are JUST NO FUN! But, on the contrary, you can come up with creative non-candy options that will have kids having fun in no time. Here are some ideas.

  • Monster Building Kits (Construction paper shapes, googly eyes, and instructions)
  • Draw the Monster Art Sheet with Mini Pencil
  • Glow in The Dark Jewelry or Light Up Jewelry
  • Temporary Tattoos

Halloween Treats for Your Own Kids

If we’re talking activities for our kids vs. things to hand out to the neighborhood kids, there are a few options that will have your kids just as excited as trick or treating, and much less “scary” in terms of toxins!

  • Halloween Party with MOM Chosen Treats
  • Scary Movie Marathon Night in Costume!
  • Haunted House Hunting

2. Halloween Recipes That Kids Can Make – Or Help Make!

Work with Your Kids to Come up with Halloween Recipes that Everyone Will Enjoy!

In the video above, Russell James goes over some tasty raw food Halloween cookies that everyone (adult and kids alike) will enjoy. That isn’t your only option though, you can come up with lots of recipes that your kids will have a blast with.

3. Replace Regular Candy with “Unreal” Healthy Candy

If you haven’t heard about “Unreal” candy yet, you’re missing out. This post is not an endorsement, no one is making a buck off this candy recommendation. Unreal Candy Company was started by a kid and his dad looking to “unjunk” junk food. I’ve read the recommendation of replacing the candy your kids snag on their trick or treating journeys with “Unreal” candy so that their Halloween candy is much healthier.

4. Candy Currency – The Healthy Halloween Game Your Kids will Love

So this option does take a bit of effort and cooperation from the kiddos. With Candy Currency, each piece of candy is worth a “point” value. Then, you have a “Store” with fun items and things that your kids can trade their candy in for.

If you’re okay with your kids eating some candy (in moderation), a great way to make things fun and make sure they still get the trick or treating experience is to say – well, you can eat your candy if you want, but here are some other things you can buy with your candy.

Depending on the budget, this healthy Halloween activity could prove as a useful decision making option for your kids.


  • Event with mom and dad (movie theater, museum, etc.)
  • Toy or Electronic
  • Get out of “chores” free card
  • New outfits or fun
  • “You Pick Dinner” night
  • Toy store with things to “buy”

5. Have Your Kids be the Hero’s

Explain to your kids that their mission is to help you come up with healthy Halloween alternatives to hand out to the neighborhood, then, have them stay home and pass things out with you. This will give them a sense of pride and allow them to get creative.

Healthy Halloween Tips and Tricks


Fill Up Before Heading Out

Before your kids hit the town, or the party, or where ever they’re going, have them fill up on healthy home made treats. This way, they’ll be less inclined to indulge due to empty tummies.

Don’t Say No

This one’s a tough one, but instead of saying no, always offer an alternative (better) suggestion to your kids. Letting them feel like they’re missing out is the cheapest ticket to tantrum town!

Keep it Short

Have things to do planned for before AND after trick or treating and decide on a “route” for the event to take place. This way, you can keep things moving along and keep that “loot bag” as small as possible while still letting the kids have their fun.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

In addition to these options, have a scavenger hunt for your kids to go over while they’re trick or treating. This will keep them busy, entertained, and still having a blast without JUST filling their time with candy.


Remember, Halloween is about fun. Silly costumes, spooky stories, and tasty treats are all part of the territory; try and remember this and loosen up while you’re having fun with your kids and don’t forget to make the most of your Halloween night!

Amanda Little
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