A Healthy Breakfast and a Beautiful You!!


Of the many misconceptions that you suffer from now and then, one is skipping breakfast to achieve a size zero. For all those who have transformed this belief into a regular practice, it is of great significance to mention here is that inclusion and not exclusion of breakfast every morning helps you to reduce weight and to stay in the perfect size and shape. The people, who tend to ignore breakfast or is not well aware of the reasons why it is so important for each and everyone, should remember a few points-

  • Breakfast if the first food and drink that you are providing your body after a long break of more than 8 hours.
  • It greatly influences the type and course of your meal for the rest of the day
  • Skipping breakfast may call upon diabetes and obesity

Now the obvious question that arises here, what should be included in your early morning meal so that it acts as an energy-enhancer and health- revitalize?

  • Green tea is the perfect starter– Cannot imagine a morning without coffee or tea with milk, but still yearns for a perfect shape? No, that is not possible. Rather, switch off to green tea- the perfect drink for a healthy body. Heart protective benefits along with weight loss benefits, green tea has it all.
  • Intake of Fiber is a must– According to the experts, one must have at least 5 grams of Fiber every morning. Apart from having zero calories, it also cleans the body from inside and fills your tummy as well. Opt for apples, blackberries, cereals, or dark, whole grain rye bread as they contain adequate amount of fiber.
  • Make plain yogurt a part of the meal– Yogurt is undoubtedly the healthiest food in the world and there is no disagreement about the fact. Therefore, it should be an integral part of the breakfast. But do not opt for the ones that come with fruit or flavors mixed in. If you want you can decorate it at home by adding cereals, berries, honey or even dark chocolate. Really yummy!
  • Opt for organic eggs– Do you know that organic eggs are much higher omega-3 fatty acid content that regular ones and the fatty acids that is so important for both mental and physical health? So, even if they are a bit expensive from the regular eggs, it is better to opt for them. After it is the question of your health.
  • Avoid packed or tinned Granola– Even after trying hard you are failing to control your weight gain. Do you take store-bought Granolas? Discard the foods because they are filled with sugar and fat. Prepare granola at home instead by mixing 2 cups rolled oats, dried fruits and a small quantity of brown sugar. The best breakfast is ready!
  • Vitamin is vital– Never plan a breakfast without including vitamins into it. This is what the expert nutritionists have to say.


Only a regular intake of healthy breakfast, rich in all the necessary vitamins and minerals, can give you the desired shape and size. So, do not restrain yourself from having the early morning meal and call upon more hazards. Keep having the right food and become beautiful every day.

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Sophia Williams
Sophia Williams is a health writer. She writes on many health issues such as weight loss, joint pain, back pain etc. She is a guest contributor at Health-Supplement-Facts.com