Healthy Attitudes That Encourage Natural Healing


Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude” said Zig Ziglar. This is true is life and  your health. Your aptitude – your natural ability, your genes, your knowledge, your resources, your health insurance, etc. – determines less about your health than your attitude. Establishing the right healthy attitudes about healing will take you far beyond the limits of your insurance coverage or your doctor’s diagnosis than you ever dreamed possible!

Attitude – “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.”

You may not be able to easily change your aptitude but the good news is that your ability to positively change of your attitude is limitless! Regarding your health, you may be stuck with bad insurance or no insurance. Your insurance may have been recently cancelled for not living up to unrealistic guidelines (Thanks Obamacare!). You may have a genetic health condition or a seemingly unbeatable diagnosis. However, it is your attitude towards these things will determine your ability to heal.

Wellness Achiever is about living a lifestyle of wellness that naturally brings about abundant health and healing naturally. The Wellness Achiever lifestyle prevents disease from ever occurring. Even more, this lifestyle has an extraordinary power to reverse existing disease without drugs or surgery. The basis of this lifestyle is not having the best insurance or the best doctors or the ability to buy all organic foods. This lifestyle stems from healthy attitudes that naturally encourage healing.

Great health, natural healing and amazing wellness are available to you and can be yours! It all starts in your attitudes and thought patterns.

How’s your attitude?

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Your Attitude Towards Life and Healing

It is human nature to want a list of how-tos or a list of rules to follow to accomplish a particular task. The same is true when faced with a diagnosis of disease. However, achieving true healing and wellness is more about the mindset you adopt rather than a list of rules. It is about living congruently with your value for life. Regardless of what lists or rules you may follow, your success will depend more on first adopting healthy attitudes.

What is your attitude toward life and healing? Certainly this will be reflected in your behavior. Your behavior will produce either health and healing naturally or it will lead to disease.

If your attitude is one of immediate self gratification, then you will likely have behaviors that are pleasing at first but destructive in the long term. The fast food drive through, for example, may be very appealing to you for its tasty ‘foods’ and time saving nature. However, the abundance of toxic chemicals, unhealthy fats, unnatural hormones and dangerous antibiotics in these food-like products cause diseases of all kinds and certainly lead to a quicker, more painful death.

On the other hand, if your attitude is one of respecting life and honoring the innate healing in your body, then your behaviors will demonstrate this healthy attitude. Fostering this attitude leads to behaviors that honor life. Your priority will be on behaviors such as preparing healthy foods that provide your body with life-sustaining nutrients. You will favor developing healthy relationships with family, friends and colleagues rather than rushing through daily life.

How’s your attitude toward life and healing? Do you live a high stress, self serving life of instant gratification? Or, do you honor life and natural healing?

Healthy Attitude Toward Symptoms

How you think about the health symptoms that you feel will determine how your physically manage your health. How you manage your health will determine the type of health and level of wellness you experience.

The medical attitude towards symptoms encourages thinking of them as signs of disease. When enough symptoms accumulate, a diagnosis is given to your disease. Once you have a diagnosis, you have a lifetime medical treatment plan that reinforces those symptoms and causes more new symptoms. Drugs are used to treat the symptoms, not cure the disease. As a result, the cause of the symptoms is left uncorrected and the symptoms continue. More disease and death is the natural result. When you have a fever, you can reduce it with Tylenol; however, this will allow the bacteria and viruses to prolong your sickness or make you even more sick.

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What if you viewed your symptoms – not as signs of disease – but as natural expressions of your body’s function? The wellness attitude towards symptoms encourages you to think of them as warning signs. Symptoms are indeed a natural expression of your body. You get a fever when your body needs to kill bacteria or viruses. You vomit when your body needs to eliminate deadly toxins, such as food poisoning. You experience various pains when your body is stressed physically, chemically or emotionally. These symptoms are natural and necessary.

If you see these symptoms as natural warning signs rather than disease signs, your behaviors will lead you to reverse the cause of the symptoms rather than cover them up. Your fever will lead you to rest, hydrate and give your body the nutrients it needs to overcome the infection. Your pain will lead you to find the stress that is causing it. Removing or correcting the stress will cause the pain to cease on its own.

How’s your attitude toward symptoms? Are you attempting to conquer them as foreign invaders? Or do you have a healthy attitude toward them that guides you into managing your health naturally?

Healthy Attitudes for a Healthy Future

There are many ways that your attitudes – your way of thinking, feeling and behaving – affect your health and healing. You may have realized that you harbor some destructive attitudes that encourage disease to progress and lead to painful death. However, you can quickly and easily change your attitudes.

I encourage you to take time to contemplate your attitudes towards health and healing. How you think about health and healing will determine your lifestyle behaviors. Your lifestyle behaviors determine your health and your ability to achieve wellness. Adopt healthy attitudes today and bolster your body’s natural healing for your future!

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Dr. Brent Hunter
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