Healthier water: a combo of its mind body spirit?


7 years of working on >$10M drinking water projects, being lead scientist on a government funded wastewater project, I have passion for and science background in water.

As a Dr, (Environmental Engineer), I know health and water are related.

Aside from the importance of conserving it and protecting it, I believe water has 3 components that need addressing:

  1. Water Body: The hydrogen and oxygen molecules, plus the chemicals, bacteria etc in the water
  2. Water Memory: Yes this is controversial, but isnt mental health controversial (but crucial) too?. Its likely easier to say to your boss: “im not well today physically”, but its unlikely you can say to her “i’m not well mentally.” Both are important types of health right?. I think this is a taboo with water, which hopefully is changing: the (unneccessary) stigma of ‘mental health’ of people and water needs addressing and not be taboo
  3. Water soul: The beyond physical healing power of water. e.g. dipping in the Ganges, whose Goddess Ganga is worshipped to as some believe help possibly clear sins.

I think the, yes its utopian, healthiest water has at the minimum – good physical health (bacteriologically, chemically, radiologically pure).

It likely is also structured too. This is controversial as there are so many methods claimed to do this, and no i am not endorsing any here, just mentioning.

Methods i have seen include magnets, labels (possibly as per Masaru Emoto’ work), flow altering devices (as per Viktor Schauberger) and prayer or chanting to name a few. But, i think there is something to this too. One article here will not cover all the topics in depth. This is more of a taster sample of the topic which can be addressed in more detail, including some science.

Then the soul of water. I mentioned some Hindus dip in the Ganges in part because of goddess Ganga, and i  read examples of First Nations people saying water is alive, listens,  and sometimes heals.

Other healers such as  John of God,  Zhi Gang Sha offer blessed water,  several famous springs are said to be healing whilst many religions use water for blessing and healing.

Bottom line:

Aside from water conservation which is crucial. I think addressing all 3 areas of water is somewhat like addressing all 3 areas of our lives: mental, physical, spiritual. Physical level being the essential baseline, and mental and soul level, optional (but i think important), respecting all beliefs and faiths.

Summing up, water needs to be, at its optimal:

  • Crucial: Physically pure (i.e supportive of healthy body)
  • Important: Mentally healthy: removing memories that are hurtful (structuring can possibly do this), and adding in positive memories, positive labelling of water containers (as per Masaru Emoto’ work) can possibly start to help here as just one example.
  • Optional: Spiritually healthy. Blessed water or holy water for example.

These 3 components, water’ mind, body, soul,  are an area worth discussing as one part of  health. I can discuss these in more detail in future articles including my experiences with holy water, blessed water, structured water. I try not to get to conclusions about this but remain as a student of water ready to learn.

Bottom line too. Good human health is body, mind and spirit. Its ongoing, needs prevention and cure. Similarly, healthy water is ONLY one part of the jigsaw of human health. It adds on to healthy food, healthy air, being part of a community you can support with good deeds like volunteering, practicing forgiveness, and positive thinking to possibly start to help create your own healthy mind soul and body.

Water needs to be part of a long term health approach, definitely not a one minute miracle healing. Water is about 70% of the human body. It covers most of the planet, it really is a two way street where both we can help water, water can help us.

*this is not medical advice: Please use your trusted medical adviser, good judgement, your intuition too about claimed water healing techniques and health*