Health Benefits of Turmeric in Aiding Chronic Health Conditions That Affect Westerns


Certain health conditions tend to be more prevalent in some continents than others. Consider Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

These chronic health conditions are less widespread in Asia than in the United States. Such difference can be attributed to the kind of diet common in these countries. It is not just the healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, that make the difference. Several studies showed that spices also play a role in this aspect.

The various health benefits of curcumin are not limited to treating gastrointestinal and respiratory ailments, skin problems, liver disease, joint pains and sprained muscles. This yellow pigment can also aid with the most common health conditions that people develop, which make it a significant compound capable of helping save lives. In fact, it is known to deliver more than 150 potentially therapeutic activities. This include:

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The highlight of this health benefit is its ability to help with chronic low-level inflammation, which is common in most chronic Western diseases including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative conditions. Reports show that curcumin, in particular, is greatly effective in helping the body fight arthritis. According to statistics, patients who were treated with the extract showed 57% less bone destruction than those who did not get the same treatment. (1)

Anti-Cancer Activity

It is only curcumin that has the most compelling evidence when it comes to the ability to help fight cancer. Research shows that curcumin can stop the growth, development, as well as spread of any cancer. Curcumin does the latter by rejecting the replication process as it reinforces the cell membrane’s protection.

It is true that it can aid in the treatment of any type of cancer, even with the different molecular pathologies of each. That’s because it can affect several molecular targets through multiple pathways at once. However, that is not the only highlight of curcumin’s anti-cancer activity. As a non-toxic compound, it only targets cancer cells. (2)

Brain Activity

Curcumin aids in delaying and reducing the possibility of cognitive decline. The compound also helps decrease such risk by increasing the blood and BDNF levels. By stimulating this effect, curcumin may help delay or reverse a lot of brain and age-related diseases. Research also presents the possibility that curcumin can help enhance your memory. (3)

Maintain a Healthy Heart

This powerful compound found in Turmeric can help you maintain a healthy heart by reducing the plaque and lipid levels in the arteries, and managing inflammation. One animal study also revealed that the compound aids in protecting heart functions. It is also capable of reinforcing the body’s internal repair system, which is vital after suffering from heart attack. (4)


Research and clinical trials showed that intake of curcumin supplements not only reduces the risk of developing diabetes but also prevents it. Another study concluded that the compound helps in boosting the liver enzymes’ activity, which is responsible for stimulating the anti-inflammatory functions, and converting glucose carbohydrates.

More than helping with the disease itself, curcumin is also found to aid in restoring damaged brain stem caused by the disease. Overweight people at risk of developing diabetes can find that supplementing with curcumin brings positive effects in the form of subduing fatty tissue development. (5)

That is how promising and vital the role of curcumin is in treating Western diseases. So if you want to take advantage of the health benefits of curcumin, you only have to know how to properly take it. You need to consume concentrated curcumin supplements.



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