What are the health benefits of eating celery stalks?


When it comes to healthy foods, obviously items like spinach, quinoa, berries, cacao and green tea come to mind.

But celery?

Typically considered something that only those needing to lose weight nosh on or a food that’s often chosen last on the vegetable platter, celery is often deliberately overlooked. However, the pale green, crunchy vegetable is brimming with health benefits, even holding a place on the World’s Healthiest Foods top 100 list.(1) There, it’s noted as a food worth eating; it contains nutrients that help do everything from keep inflammation at bay to improve heart health.(1)

Top health benefits of eating celery stalks

Fights Cancer

Celery is made of up flavonoids that are associated with destroying pancreatic cancer cells, responsible for helping to slow their spread.(2) It’s also linked to fighting other cancers such as stomach, bladder and colon cancers.(1)


The vegetable contains phytonutrients that fight oxidative stress caused by inflammation.(1) As such, blood vessels are kept in optimal shape and the digestive tract is protected, helping the body function at its best.(1)

Weight Management

Indeed, those looking to shed a few pounds should turn to celery as one of the many foods that can help with weight loss. One cup of chopped, raw celery contains about 16 calories and the food’s crunchiness is also something that dieters find satisfying.(2)

Curbs the Urge to Smoke

When people attempt to quit smoking, they’re often seeking to replace their hand-to-mouth habit. However, many choose unhealthy foods like potato chips or cookies which lead to weight gain. To fight the urge to light up, the American Cancer Society suggests choosing foods that have a crunchy texture and are healthy such as celery, nuts and carrots.(3)

Better Heart Health

Phthalides are a kind of phytonutrient found in celery oils, extract and seeds that has been shown to relax muscles and improve the flow of blood through vessels, making a strong case that it plays a role in improved cardiovascular health.(1)

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