Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit with Ginger Root


Ginger a flowering plant with roots that contain medicinal properties is wonderful to use for treating and healing all kinds of aliments. Some people use the roots from the plant in food dishes to help add a warm spicy earthy flavor, and others use it in homemade beauty remedies to help purify and cleanse the skin from impurities.

For these reasons alone, you may want to consider growing this herb in your herbal garden or using it more regularly, but if you need more reasons on how helpful this spicy herb is, keep reading.

How are the roots of the plant used?

There are several ways ginger roots are used. Some people prefer to dry the roots and grind them into a fine powder that is sprinkled into food and beverages while others love using the finely ground powder to make medicinal supplements. You may find that freshly grated ginger taste better and decide to toss it into cuisine dishes or hot delicious teas or infusions that promote healing within the body.

Another helpful way the herb is used is to make a tincture. Tincture, is when you take freshly grated root and alcohol and blend equal amounts together in a large mason jar. After, you seal the jar up and let it sit on a self for several weeks in a cool dark spot to help draw out the medicinal properties from the herb. Once it has sat for several weeks you can strain the grated roots from the liquid and pour the liquid into the bottle. This liquid will be your tincture, which you can take a teaspoon of two each day of to help promote healing and detoxification within the body.

Some people love grating the root into a jar of oil and allowing it to sit in a cool dark place sealed up tightly for about a month to help once again draw out the medicinal properties from it. After, the root is strained from the oil, which is then useful as a pain relieving massage oil for the entire body.

You may also find making an infusion from the herb to be more of the remedy for what ails you. Ginger infusion is a potent beverage that contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from the roots that aid the body in healing by supporting all the systems within the body. To make a strong infusion you place two to three peeled ginger roots or grated ginger into a pot containing six to eight cups of water. Then, you place a lid onto the pan and bring the water and ginger root to a roaring boil. After, you remove the infusion from the stove and allow it to sit on the counter top overnight. In the morning, you can strain the ginger roots from the liquid, which will be your infusion that you can drink up for, healing the mind, body and spirit.

What are the benefits of the root?

All forms of ginger root provide countless benefits to the mind, body and spirit. Some of them are:

  • Reduction in Inflammation
  • Less Stress
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Natural Detoxification of Waste and Toxic Buildup within the Body
  • Clearer Thinking
  • More Energy
  • Natural Cancer Preventions
  • Possible Healing from Cancer and Chronic Illnesses
  • Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails
  • Better Oxygen and Blood Circulation
  • Healthier Digestive System
  • Natural Decongestant
  • Natural Antibiotic and Antiviral Remedy for Fighting Illness
  • Natural Anti-Fungal Remedy
  • Helps Fight Fatigue
  • Treats and Relieves Headaches Naturals
  • Acts as a Natural Antihistamine to Fight off Allergy Symptoms

What are some end notes to keep in mind?

When it comes to finding the flowering root plants to plant and grow in your herbal garden, you can find them in your local garden shop and landscaping departments in home improvement stores. You can also find just the ground powder of the root or whole roots in spice sections of grocery stores, herbal shops and whole food wellness markets.

Some pharmacies carry ginger root supplements if you prefer to take it daily in a more convenient method. Herbal tea shops use the herb to make wellness teas for sipping on to too help heal you when you are  feeling under the weather.

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