Heal your body from multiple sclerosis & lose weight with a raw food diet


Thanks to adopting a raw food diet, Rosemary Fletcher went from a 305-pound woman with Multiple Sclerosis who was confined to a wheelchair for 11 years to a svelte 120-pound woman fully capable of walking on her own. Despite doctors who told her she would never walk or talk again, Fletcher followed the spiritually-based “8 Laws of Natural Heath” (which includes plant-based nutrition) and ever since, she’s been thankful for its healing words. Fletcher eventually wrote her own ebook, “Change your Mind, Change Your Body” based on how these laws healed her.

The healing power of raw foods

One of the laws focused on choosing healthier foods, especially raw, to help the body. Fletcher believes this was a crucial in healing her debilitating situation. Not only did her weight fall off, but she no longer relied on her wheelchair. She gradually began feeling better and these days, enjoys walking a mile daily.

While she has been 100% raw for several years and friends embrace her healthier food choices, her doctors were quick to suggest returning to her medications. However, Fletcher stuck by her decision to maintain her raw food lifestyle (another topic she learned was trusting oneself and the power of intuition) and hasn’t looked back.

Eating right, at the right time

She also read and began lecturing on the “Daylight Diet” by Paul Nison (RawLife.com), noting that all along, that book’s philosophies were what she’d been following while following her raw food regimen. The book stresses that when we eat is equally important as what we eat, and Fletcher is proof that incorporation of healthful, raw foods like nuts and vegetables, coupled with eating at the right times of day (commonly avoiding nighttime eating), can heal the body.

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