Hard to beat Sugar Cravings? Try a quick fix Chocolate


Are you one of the countless people right now struggling with trying to beat your sugar craving? Do you feel weak and undisciplined before this seemingly overwhelming task?

Can’t make it without that sweet chocolate?

Well, what if I told you that you can have a kind of chocolate, and without eating any dairy or sugar. It’s a remarkably simple, cheap and healthy little recipe that may help you through those weaker of moments. I discovered this quick fix out of necessity myself one early spring day.

It employs only two natural ingredients:


1. Banana (preferably ecological)

2. 100% Cocoa Powder (Of course, preferably ecological)


Now, you take that banana, squash it with a fork in some kind of cup. And then you just add as much Cocoa Powder as you like, depending on how strong you want it to be, and then mix it.


At first sight this may not seem like a very delicious mixture. It probably seems unfinished to you. But it actually does taste like some kind of intricate chocolate dessert. A 100 % natural and healthy dessert that is. Basically the banana adds everything in terms of “liquid” and “fat”, as well as the sweetness, and then the cocoa powder makes it into chocolate.

A good thing also, is that you get to enjoy the health benifits of cocoa powder without it being ruined like it is in the typical milk chocolate candy. Cocoa is in fact so healthy that many expert recommend people get 6 grams of it per day. One of the reasons is because it contains flavonoids, which helps lower blood pressure, may reduce the risk of cancer and many other health benefits.

Bananas too, have powerful health benefits. They contain tryptophan, which may help overcome depression, for it converts into serotonin. And because they contain vitamin B-6, they have the power to strengthen the nervous system, aid production of white blood cells and even protect against type 2 diabetes. They are also rich in potassium and magnesium.


Bon Appétit.


James Henrik
As a researcher, traveller, musician and supporter of liberty, I spend a lot of time thinking, philosophizing and analyzing the reality in which we live, and the world which we have constructed, and I feel like I have a lot that I must convey to people, as best as I can.

For the sake of freedom, health and all that is natural and good, let's raise the consciousness of as many people as we can.