What Happens To Your Brain When You’re Having An Idea


Having a brain and brain power is an awesome thing. This is because it does provide one with lots of things that no other form of life on this planet does have. What happens the moment that a light bulb suddenly does go on in your mind? The great moment when you say AHA! Read on to learn more. You won’t regret it. The power of the human brain is truly mind boggling indeed!

What is the aha! Or eureka moment?
The aha! Or eureka moment is when you go from being stuck in thought to suddenly reaching your final destination. What is this final destination? It is no other than being able to think insightful and to be able to see things differently in approach. This moment is special, because not only does it free up your mind, it also frees up the way you were viewing things previously before the shining moment hit your mind like a ton of bricks. The aha! Or eureka moment offers escape from trapped thoughts and takes you to a whole new level of thinking that is clear and free.

What is the visual paradox?
The visual paradox is something that does seem to be associated with those who are very creative in description on the average. This is because creative people are those who tend to take in far more visuals than others. They are also able to shut down all of this visual information just right before their big aha! Moment does take place. So, with this said, the visual paradox is something that is already with them the second that they start to look around their world and visually see things in the background that no one else can see with their mind like they can. This visual paradox goes far beyond the eyes. It is something that permits the mind and brain to view as well.

Does anxiety promote analytical thoughts?
Since anxiety can be qualified as being a state of worry and fear. It is also the very thing that does prompt the fight or flight response and this fight or flight response is the very thing that can get the mind going. Getting the mind going means what it means. The mind is not stalled or trapped. Thoughts are running very free and wild. Therefore, thinking is more careful in approach, even if it is freed up, and the fear or worry is what can bring the analysis into play from a thought aspect totally. Those who are analytical do tend to be more focused, and the more focused the better.

What does the role of sleep and mood have to do with having an idea?
What you do need to do to promote the great aha! And eureka moments is apparent. You need to make yourself very receptive and exposed to the insight triggers. Also, being a positive mood is the very thing to promote these special moments of thought that are clear and detailed. If you want the very best from the rest, as well as, the very finest process of memory consolidation possible, do make sure to get enough sleep each night. The role of sleep and mood do have plenty to do with getting the very best ideas out there.

Should you look inside instead of outside yourself for ideas?
You should indeed look inside of yourself for the very best inspiration, ideas, and thoughts that are possible. These are truly the best ways to find what is hidden and special in detail. Great ideas come to people who are thinking inside of their mind and outside of the box. If you are stuck inside of the box and paying attention to what is on the outside. You aren’t able to encounter what is lying in wait, in the back of your mind, in a far-away corner that can only be accessed by you alone. Truly creative ideas are inspired by both imagination and by that inner voice. This inner voice is what each person should listen to and go with, because it is their light bulb, the shining brilliance that goes off and delivers a flash of thought that is very bright in delivery. You have that ability that you yourself can enhance your ability to get that brilliant idea.

Sometimes, you have to shut out the rest of the world mentally, in order to come up with the best ideas that are possible. This is what the famed French art-impressionist named Paul Gauguin used to do. He’d close his eyes off to the world around him in order to visually see his ideas. When the thinking cap is on, the brain is going full run, and rest of the world is none.

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