Handy Tips For Cooking Low Cal And Low Carb Food; Good Way To Diet


In your quest to lose weight, you might be thinking of trying low-carb low cal food, but you might also be wondering whether low cal food will taste good or not. Nevertheless, with a few tips to cook low-cal food, you will be able to retain the taste of your favorite dish and make it low cal and low carb itself. At first, the food might taste a little bit different, but with time, you will get used to it and will be happier eating low cal food and achieving your goal of weight loss.

Tips On How To Cook Low Cal Food

* Some food items like chicken parmesan, stuffed pepper, etc, require breadcrumbs to be rolled on. You can make the crumbs low cal and low carb by using low carb bread to prepare it. Just toast the low carb bread in the oven using the cookie sheet and crush it into powder form in your grinder.

* You can use soy flour or bake mix like Atkins bake mix. You need flour for baking and coating breaded food items, you can replace the ordinary flour with say flour or bake mix, these are low cal.

* For cookies and muffins, in addition to use of soy flour, use low cal chocolate bars for adding chocolate chips to these items.

* You can use Splenda in place of sugar. It is a low cal and low carb option, instead of sugar. The taste will be the same, though it’s lighter so you will have to adjust the amount you are going to use in your recipe.

* Use low cal yogurt for making fruit smoothies. Also remember to use low carb fruit and instead of juice, use the full fruit. The fiber in fruits helps keep the effective carbohydrates low.

* You can try using low cal spaghetti squash in place of pasta as low cal pasta does not taste good enough. Bake the squash for 40 minutes on 400 degrees Fahrenheit after cutting it into half.

Thus, we see that by using some low cal and low carb substitutes, you can make tasty food with your existing recipes. This way, you can make ultimate use of the low cal ingredients available in the market and monitor your calorie intake. These tips to cook low cal food will be very handy for you, as you will have to make small changes in your existing recipes. You can attain your target of having only low cal food and losing weight in turn, yet not compromising much on the taste buds. The food will be as tasty and healthy as well. For more tips on how to cook low cal food, you can search the internet or look out for special cookery books written specially on this topic.

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