Guinep: 17 Super Health Benefits of This Jamaican Fruit


Guinep is also known as Spanish lime, Skinip, Quenepa, Honeyberry, Mamoncillo, Mapo. Fruit grow in the tropics and are very popular in the Caribbean, Florida, Mexico, Africa, South America and other tropical areas. It has several great benefits, with only 58 calories in a healthy serving, the guinep contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, ash, calcium, thiamine phosphorus, iron, carotene, riboflavin, ascorbic and amino acids.

17 Super Health Benefits of Guinep
Cardiovascular Disease
The high antioxidant content of genipe makes it ideal for preventing cardiovascular diseases as well as strokes.

Immune Booster
Guineps contain vitamins A and C, which are excellent for boosting the immune system. Vitamin A also helps to prevent the formation of urinary stones.

Culinary Purposes
The genipe pulp can be used for making jellies, marmalade, snacks, pie fillings, jam. It can also be used for making juice, beverages and drinks.

Diabetes Mellitus
Xenepa fruit contains anti-diabetic properties thus suitable for diabetic patients as it contains special type of protein that helps to reduce the blood sugar level.

Researchers agree that the genipe fruit contains cancer-fighting properties thus can be used for treating cancer patients.

Teeth Health
Genipe fruit is an excellent source of calcium thus very helpful in maintaining strong and healthy teeth as well as bones.

The guaya fruit can be used for treating diarrhea. The seeds can be roasted, squeezed and combined with honey for relieving diarrhea.

Genipe pulp contains resveratrol derivatives (inhibitor of NFκB) and caffeic acid that relieves inflammatory reactions in patients suffering from asthma.

The mamon fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber thus can be used for treating constipation. The pulp tissues can also be used for treating constipation by reducing colon transit time due to the presence of ferulic acid derivatives in the pulp extracts.

Check Cholesterol Level
Kenepa fruit contains dietary fiber that is very helpful in reducing a high cholesterol level. Moreover, it contains low fat and no calories thus very good for the body system.

Hormonal Balance
Genipe fruit is an excellent source of phosphorus thus it helps in maintaining balanced hormone level.

Skinip fruit is a rich source of tryptophan, which helps to treat insomnia as well as facilitates good sleep.

Ginepa fruit is an excellent source of lysine thus helps to prevent herpes.

High Blood Pressure
Chenet fruit is an excellent source of antioxidants including phenolic compounds, thus capable of lowering the blood pressure level.

Weight Management
Regular consumption of genipe fruit is recommended for shedding off excess weight and maintaining healthy body weight.

The pulp of genipe fruit can be used for treating hypertension.

Intestinal Problems
Genipe leaves can be infused into a tea and taken for treating intestinal problems.


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