Guarana Seed Extract: Supercharge your Metabolism Naturally


Have you ever heard about Guarana seed extract and how it kickstarts your metabolism? This amazing extract comes from an evergreen vine that is native to Venezuela and Brazil. Natives in these areas have used the seed for many years to enjoy various health benefits, among them weight loss. These benefits are the ones that captured the attention of scientists.

The active compound in the seed is guaranine, which has a similar chemical structure to caffeine. For a fact, these seeds provide a higher concentration of caffeine as compared to typical caffeine drinks.

How Does Guaranine Help you Lose Weight?

One of the major effects of Guarana extract is weight loss. For one, it increases your metabolic rate. This increase in metabolism leads to burning of more calories, which lead to loss of fats. Metabolism also releases energy as a by-product, which you can use to fuel your workouts.

Guaranine also works as an appetite suppressant. This means you can go for a long time without feeling hungry. In fact, natives used the seeds to make tea that would help them go for long without eating. This was important when they went for hunting or long journeys.

Additionally, guaranine stimulates the central nervous system to improve lipolysis. This process involves breakdown of fats in the body, which releases fats into the bloodstream, making them available for use as energy.

Sustained Release

Many supplements are used up in the body quickly before they can deliver the desired effect. One of the advantages guaranine has over normal caffeine is the rate of release. Guaranine is released more slowly into the body, which helps you maintain stamina and physical endurance for a longer time, which is ideal for weight loss.

Better Digestion

Guaranine has tannins, which improve peristalsis in the digestive tract. This is the process that moves food in the digestive system. This reduces incidences of constipation, diarrhea and gas. Therefore, apart from losing weight, you maintain a healthy digestive system.

Safe Weight Loss

There is nothing as frustrating as side effects from a dietary supplement that is supposed to help you lose weight. Guaranine is extracted naturally and no additives are used in its manufacture. This means it is 100 percent safe. You can use the extract without fear of any side effects.

Cody Bollerman